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Spotify Wrapped '23


James shared his Spotify Wrapped and prompted others to do the same. Usually, I would wait for the beginning of January to also collect my data, but I can do that later and still include Spotify’s information there.

This here came with some interesting surprises. Not only is my phone in Dutch, and therefore the Spotify Wrapped too, but apparently a lot of Dutch songs are in my top songs. Here you have the shared images from my Spotify Wrapped:

RAYE is the absolute number 1 this year, which is slightly expected. I’m so sad I could not get a ticket for any of her concerts in Amsterdam… I highly recommending checking out her music. Then we have Miley, Froukje (Dutch), Tove Lo and MARINA. It’s quite different from last year: only MARINA survived my Spotify Wrapped.

I seem to have listened to slightly less music on Spotify: around 10 000 minutes less than last year. Maybe that can be explained by the fact we now have a vinyl player and we listen to quite a lot of records that do not go into digital statistics.

And yours, how was it?