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My Current Filter Coffee Setup


Doing a quick search on my website yields almost no results for “coffee”. And I find it quite strange that I’ve never talked about coffee here, especially during the past two years. During the past two or three years, I went from basically not drinking any coffee to buying filter coffee equipment, to now owning an espresso machine. Today I want to focus on filter coffee.

Since 2022, I have been buying - perhaps too much - coffee equipment. It started with either a Chemex or a French Press. The dates are a bit foggy because I don’t have the purchase date of the French Press. Not too long after I bought a Clever Dripper too. In 2023, I decided to also purchase an AeroPress.

With all these purchases, you may ask yourself: do you even use all these gadgets? Oddly enough, I think I do. Certainly, I don’t use my Chemex as often as my Clever Dripper. However, I do definitely use both of them, in different ways, for different purposes. At the moment, this is my preferred choice:

  • πŸ† Clever Dripper for single cups. If I am making coffee for just myself, or for myself and one more person, I will almost always default to the Clever Dripper: it is easy and… clever.
  • 🧊 French Press for preparing cold brew. I rarely do regular immersion French Press coffee nowadays. I prefer the taste of cleaner coffees. But it is very used during summer for preparing cold brews.
  • πŸ‘₯ Chemex for preparing for multiple people. If there’s more than two people that want filter coffee, I will most likely use my Chemex for it. I’m not sure how much it can prepare at once, but I do know for a fact that I’ve never fully filled it.
  • ✈️ AeroPress for travel. It is small and compact enough that I can bring it with myself. This I use mostly if I go visit my parents, or some other longer period vacation.

Regarding coffee recipes and preparation, the mostly come from James Hoffman’s incredible YouTube Channel as well as his book. I also want to highlight Morgan Eckroth’s YouTube channel, which I also follow for more espresso-based drinks, which I may mention in the next article that I speak about coffee.

Regarding coffee beans 🫘, which are probably the most important piece, I have tried from quite a few places. For now, we’ve settled with Wakuli’s Discover Monthly light roast subscription. I like the idea of experimenting something new every month, and it is quite nice for filter coffee.

Something I’m looking for to adding to my setup is a pouring kettle. Since I use the Clever Dripper the most, the pouring kettle isn’t the most important addition, so I’ve been pushing it off from time to time. If you have a recommendation, feel free to share.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I also updated my uses page to include a section about coffee. For now, it only includes filter coffee related material. Once I release the espresso post, I shall update it and include a “coffee station” photo.