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I Made a Snowman


Until last week, there was an activity at the municipal library where you could make a 3D model of a Christmas tree decoration, and get it 3D printed. I didn’t know about it until my partner, who volunteers there, told me. I went!

This is going to be a short post, but I just got the final result and I wanted to share it. I decided to make a snowman β˜ƒοΈ because… why not? So I got there and created an account in Tinkercad, the online software that we were supposed to use to make the model.

Snowman Model in Tinkercad
Snowman Model in Tinkercad

After finishing the model, I just exported it and then my partner did some preparation in the model for it to be printed. Despite making the model with some more colors, I knew that the printed version would be a single color. I chose white, for… obvious snow reasons.

Since the library was almost closing, we just left it printing. This was last week. Today he went back for volunteering and brought it back. Look at the images! So cute. I have also decorated it by painting the eyes and buttons, making arms and a nose, as well as finishing the hat and adding a scarf.

Maybe next year we can hang it on a tree πŸŽ„!