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Year in Popcorn '23


Popcorn One year later, here am I again with my “Year in Popcorn” post. This year, it will look a bit different: there will be less graphics and data. I no longer use Trakt to track movies, only my watches page. And even in Trakt, I have not religiously marked episodes as watched the same day as I watched them.

Last year, I mentioned I thought I watched way too many TV shows and probably movies. I used to sometimes just watch stuff in the background while doing something else. My prediction that this would decrease was also correct: the transition from the university to working life has definitely helped decrease the amount of TV shows and movies I watch.

🏁 First and Last

Due to my lack of religiousness at tracking the data during the last year, it all is a bit fuzzy. After digging some data, it seems that the first thing I watched in 2023 was an episode of Alice in the Borderland. I think that is correct. The data also says that my last watch was an episode of All the Light We Cannot See, but I don’t think that’s correct. I think the last thing I watched was an episode from season 1 of New Heights, which I was re-watching for Christiaan to get up to speed.

🎬 Movies

According to my watches page, I watched 25 different movies during 2023. I’m certain I did not include all the Christmas movies I watched with my parents, so the real statistics would probably say 5 or 6 more. Nevertheless, I watched around half the amount of movies as last year. I don’t have the data for genres, but I would bet the top 3 remains similar as last year: Comedy, Romance and Drama.

πŸ“Ί Shows

It seems that during 2023, I watched episodes from 41 different shows (18 less shows). The show I watched the most was Mako: Island of Secrets with 69 episodes watched. I feel a bit embarrassed about it, but here we are πŸ˜…. Similarly to last year, my top 3 TV show genres are Drama, Fantasy and Science-Fiction.

Top Shows Genres

I’m a bit sad that I don’t have as good data as I had last year. Maybe I should put a bit more effort into tracking everything on Trakt again. Before, it was trivial: it was a single place. Since I started adding the shows and series to my website, I stopped being as religious about it. But maybe it doesn’t need to be like that: I can keep using Trakt, and at the end of every month update my website watches page. I should consider that.

Anyways, all in all, I am happy with 2023. I did watch less shows and movies as I hoped for. In exchange, I have also spent a lot of time with language learning, work, and other hobbies of mine.