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I Bought a Numeronym Domain Name

Some weeks ago, I read a post from Jan-Luka’s where he talked about what to do with his new domain. The most interesting part for me was not what to do with the domain, or the domain itself, but what the domain is: a numeronym.

After further reading what a numeronym is on Wikipedia, I decided to do the same. A numeronym is just a word that is composed by numbers and, optionally, letters. In most cases, it is also an abbreviation.

One specific type of numeronym is a numerical contraction. One of the most known is probably “i18n”, which is an abbreviation for “internationalization”. Why 18? Well, there are 18 letters between “i” and “n”: so that is the number of letters that have been omitted.

Some of you may know that I already own a domain that I bought a few years ago after talking to Sebastiaan. Not really sure why I specifically choose but it doesn’t really have a whole lot of logic to it.

So I decided to buy a more logical numeronym. My name is “henrique”. There are 6 letters between “h” and “e”. Therefore, we get h6e. Now, the domain part was the most complicated. I wanted something simple, so I just went for .me. I didn’t have any .me domain until now.

Now I own a new domain name: Maybe I will eventually let the .pt one expire. This is just one more domain name in the list of domain names that redirect to the canonical domain of this website. Maybe in the future I’ll find some use for it.