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Bike Thieves

At the beginning of last month, someone tried to steal my bike. They almost managed to cut through the chain lock completely. This leads me to believe that they were probably caught by someone and stopped. I went to the bike shop and bought a much better chain lock made of different materials that are resistent to this type of cutting.

That should’ve given me a warning signal, but I left it there anyways. Fast forward a few weeks, they came back - or maybe other people, who knows. They broke off the battery cover and stole it? They stole a broken piece they broke? Or just brought the evidence back with them? And they also highly damaged the key lock of the battery. So… they didn’t really steal anything of value… just a πŸ’© lot of damage.

I went to the store and most likely the locks have to be replaced: the one for the battery, because it’s the same lock as the normal lock on the back wheel. And of course they have to order a new cover for the bike battery. They also don’t know how long it will take. They said maybe a few weeks. They seem to be very busy.

What upsets me the most is that this has happened inside a closed bike parking, where there are security cameras and to which supposedly only residents in my building have access to. Supposedly. I think there’s more to this story than what’s supposedly supposed to happen.

Anyways, I’m pretty upset. I’ve obviously made the report with the police, and I’m just waiting for the bike shop report to give all the remaining information to the insurance. The police likely won’t do anything, and I just have to wait for the bike and for the insurance.

What can I do? I can start bringing the battery up when I leave it parked there. But I can’t bring the bike every time I come back home: it’s a hassle to bring it in the lift, and I simply don’t have space to put a bike. And we don’t have any sort of external storage space.

At the end, I think it’s a good time to also buy a new normal bike. I already have a normal bike that I bought in second hand. But it’s one of these bikes that have existed for 20 years, have 21 different gears and only 3 work, and it’s becoming more and more unusable.