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Recently in June '24


Time flies and now it’s June that is coming to an end. This was the first month, or at least first weeks, of summer. Despite all the rain and the mild weather that we’ve been having here in the Netherlands, it reached 30Β°C last week. A bit too warm if you ask me, especially when it comes to how houses are not prepared to deal with heat.

πŸ„ Life

As I mentioned last month, I started a new job and June was my first month. And what a start! On my second work day we drove to Berlin to attend the largest conference around the topic of identity. The weeks that followed have been challenging on its own ways, but I’m overall happy. I will likely write a bit more about it during July.

On another positive note, Chris has finally permission to walk. The healing of the ankle has been going great, and he’s been walking without crutches for a few weeks already. It’s surely not fully healed, but the progress has been great to see.

πŸ’ͺ Health

This is a section where I end up repeating myself over and over. There haven’t been many updates since I kept going to the gym on my schedule, but I’ve recently been reflecting on this last year and a bit going to the gym: the why, the results, the changes, and what I would like to do from now on.

🍿 Entertainment

We had a concert planned on the 20th of June in Amsterdam, but the chaotic train situation due to maintenance between Eindhoven and Den Bosch, plus Chris’ ankle, led us to the decision of not going to the train. We still managed to sell the tickets last minute via TicketSwap, so that was great, but it’s a shame nevertheless.

We have also watched maybe too many series this month. I want to highlight Severance and Silo. I found this two series superb, and I’m very looking forward to the next seasons. We also watched the third seasons of Bridgerton and Sweet Tooth, which did not disappoint.

July will mark the 10th anniversary of this website, and I don’t have any plans to celebrate it, but maybe I will make the homepage a bit more festive. Or at least write a post. I will try not to forget.

Happy July!