HI πŸ‘‹, I’M HENRIQUE (he/him), a Portuguese πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή living in The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±. I’m a recently graduated πŸŽ“ master’s student, and a software engineer πŸ›  interested in web infrastructure, decentralized systems, identity, and making tools for developers and users. I enjoy learning about new things, taking photographs, playing badminton, programming, as well as a nice cup of coffee β˜•οΈ or tea 🍡. Welcome to my island on the Internet 🏝️, where you can find a bit of everything!

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So the train is so delayed that they canceled the last two stations. Now I have to change in Freiburg to another train from DB. And we can only get that train because… it is also delayed. Now I missed my 2 trains in Switzerland and I will have to get 3 instead πŸ₯² On the way back I actually have a stop in Germany, before changing to Venlo. That scares me.

I’m in an ICE today for a 6 hour trip from the Netherlands to Switzerland. It’s my second trip on a long course train through Germany. It’s also my second time that the train gets delayed in Germany due to a fire. We’re now being diverted and getting a massive delay. Germany… please hold onto your fires.

Albert Heijn, the largest chain of supermarkets in The Netherlands, is notorious for not accepting debit cards that aren’t Maestro or V-Pay. This is due to the Dutch system only using Maestro and V-Pay, instead of Mastercard of Visa. Fortunately, Maestro and V-Pay are going to be deprecated in a few months, and therefore merchants have to start accepting Mastercard and Visa.

Yesterday, I was at Albert Heijn and I had a feeling. I decided to try my Portuguese debit card, which, being Visa, has always been rejected at Albert Heijn. I was pleasantly surprised when it worked. That is some progress.

I use my YubiKey for signing my git commits with my SSH key. I notice that, very frequently, the YubiKey hangs after I touch it. It takes a few seconds until it’s signed. Sometimes unplugging and re-plugging it briefly fixed the problem. Anyone has had this experience? It was much faster when I used GPG through the YubiKey for signing commits.

Haven’t used Windows in quite some time, but I like to keep following the news as it was the OS that accompanied my childhood, most specifically Windows XP and Windows 7. Somehow I managed to skip Windows Vista, apart from some few interactions in someone else’s computer. Then, Windows 8 came and Windows 10 and I ended up moving to macOS for some other reasons and so far, haven’t gone back. I always enjoyed Window UI, at least to some extend.

This article shows UI elements present in Windows 11 that date to older versions of Windows. I expected to see things that dated back to Windows XP. However, I was surprised to see that you can still find UI elements from Windows 3.1 on Windows 11!

Year in Music '22

Listening to Music 2022 marked the year that I went to my first actual concert. By actual concert I mean a concert that I paid for for an artist I wanted to see, in an actual concert hall. And, of course, I listened to a lot o songs thorough the year. This is the recap of 2022 in Music. Let’s see what I’ve been listening to this year.

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