Portugal may be bad at bureaucracy for foreigners and the likes. But the Netherlands seems to beat Portugal by far for simple things, such as being self-employed. In Portugal it’s just a switch in the tax office website. Don’t get me started about it here.

I just secretly added a new section called itineraries with… well… itineraries! Some are private, as they are in the future. I quite like this functionality: I had to take some time to find some trains I took over the past two years. Fortunately, they were not that many and they were all in my e-mail. Older data I don’t have. I did not add any of the train trips I’ve done in the Netherlands, but maybe later of if I figure out NS API.

agilelisa 19 Nov 2021 13:48

@hacdias looks yummy. I'm guessing steel cut oats and chia, with blueberries?

It’s actually fine cut oats, but the rest is correct indeed. It has blueberry, banana, powdered sugar, honey and speculaas.

jlelse’s Blog 19 Nov 2021 13:20

Oh no, that must be really disappointing! I hope you can still make the best out of it.

At this point, I don’t believe it will change anything. But I’m hoping they hear it and have a meeting with me. I see some professors complaining about online education, while others are giving classes on campus because they chose to. I honestly feel like most professors complain about doing it online but it’s also their decision to do it online, which is… weird.

Just submitted a complaint to my university. Last year I did the same and after a few meetings, nothing happened. But now? Now almost everyone I know - except for the people the have exactly the same courses as me - has some sort of class on campus. Yet, I have none. 2 of my courses don’t even reach the limit of people to need to do hybrid education (we’re less than 10). But is anyone else going to complain? No! Maybe if more people did complain, something would change. I’m paying for on campus education. If I wanted online education, I could just go to Udemy or edX.

I bought my first power bank ever - yes, ever - and it just arrived. Hope it doesn’t explode!

Farewell, Hugo! Hello, Eagle

In 2015, I posted an article with a very similar name to this one. At the time, I was saying goodbye to WordPress and welcoming Hugo. As with everything in life, there are cycles and things change. It’s time to turn a new page on this website’s life cycle.


Sebastiaan Andeweg 18 Nov 2021 20:18

In February 2017, I added the ability for other people to log in to my site, both via IndieAuth and Twitter. Since June 2019 this feature is more useful, as I moved all my checkins to being ‘private’, meaning there is actually something to see (albeit sparsely posted). For this, I used the now outda…

I am really enjoying your posts about Yak and the progress! I am also working on my own system and will write an article very soon.

PS: I just logged in and it works!

jlelse’s Blog 17 Nov 2021 21:00

After I put my new SIM card in my phone today (yes, the one with the unlimited mobidata volume - thanks for all the replies to my recent post!), I noticed that there suddenly appeared a new app that wanted to offer me additional services via SMS, of course for a fee. An app with no benefit for me, e…

I did not even know that SIM cards could trigger an app to get installed. I’m shocked. Happy you managed to remove it though!

Yesterday I mentioned I was having some issues with Quill and Teacup and I hoped it was solved today, as Cloudflare is reporting no issues. However, the same issue remains. If I try to upload a photo via Quill or Teacup, it fails saying that there’s no location header. Looking at the debug logs, these are the headers:

HTTP/1.1 100 Continue

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 07:55:57 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Connection: keep-alive
location: https://cdn.hacdias.com/u/1eb1c3bdf8c2ed0a7ed6e4324a49bfdb455c168d43e44372dccbc9913fd5485c.jpg
(... other headers ...)

The location is definitely there, and so is a wild HTTP/1.1 100 Continue. If I disable Cloudflare, it works. In both situations, the Media Endpoint Proxy works. POSTing through cURL also works flawlessly:

< HTTP/2 201
< date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 08:04:25 GMT
< content-length: 0
< location: https://cdn.hacdias.com/u/e463d117e6a57c1f1e774510b166433c2de275d153dcf8cea07a61c14a493cbf.jpg
< (... other headers ...)

Digging a bit more, Quill and Teacup are hosted in California, USA, while the Media Endpoint Proxy is hosted in Germany. Even though Cloudflare doesn’t indicate any issues, I wonder if the “re-routed” instances are causing this. Why is there a 100 Continue there? I could not find any information that links that header and Cloudflare, and I also don’t really understand its existence at all.

@aaronpk, I wonder if you’ve ever seen something similar in the past?

Update: I noticed cURL used HTTP 2.0, while Teacup and Quill clearly used HTTP 1.1. However, doing a cURL request with HTTP 1.1 still works and there’s no wild 100 header.

Quickly added a form to my website’s dashboard to generate IndieAuth tokens on demand. This is going to be fun for some automation!

Cloudflare just made me lose around an hour trying to figure out why I could upload photos using some Micropub clients, but not others. Apparently, there’s some issues on Cloudflare side, which I was aware of, but thought were not related. After some debugging and help from @jlelse, “pausing” Cloudflare worked…