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Today, Sebastiaan shared with me this nice post by Wouter, entitled “The Great Mastodon Influx”. I wanted to add to that that I implemented ActivityPub a few days ago, and I’ve been improving it since on my spare time. But… I am afraid. I don’t have any real followers (just myself from different instances to test). But what if I get a few followers and then get spammed with many requests? Will my tiny server in Finland handle it?

The idea of POSSEing to Mastodon doesn’t sound that bad and reduces much of the complexity associated with running a federated server. In addition, what will happen if I want to follow people? I had a very simple idea of creating a private RSS feed with incoming posts from people I would follow. The idea seems reasonably simple. But why reinvent the wheel? There’s already client apps for ActivityPub that work well. And I didn’t want to have multiple identities. Thoughts?

Since everyone is moving to Mastodon and such, I decided to re-add experimental support for ActivityPub in this website. The implementation is based on my old ActivityPub implementation, but it is massively improved… I think. There are still some things to do, but I feel like I will stick with it this time. However, if you want to help me test, follow me at @hacdias@hacdias.com 😜 You may still see my old profile from 2020 still lingering in some instances, but if you try following me, it should work.

Today I worked from home instead of my usual co-working space, Microlab. I had a bunch of cranberries I bought the other day left. I bought them because I thought they were going to be nice and sweet but it turns out that they are extremely sour! My partner suggested me to make cranberry syrup the other day. And today I did it! All the cranberries gave two and a half bottles of nice cranberry syrup. Can’t wait to use it!

When you rent a new apartment in a new building, you will always find interesting problems that no one discovered yet. Fortunately, the contractor has fixed most of the things we’ve filled so far. Still waiting for two things to be fixed!

My partner and I got the contract for a new apartment in the past few months. On the 8th of November, we finally got the keys for the new apartment. Being a new apartment in a new building, it comes very barebones. It is also very common in The Netherlands to rent an apartment like this. But what do I mean by “like this”? So the apartment has a kitchen, but no floor, no curtains and no curtain rails. It also has no lights and is not painted. We’ve painted a bit last weekend and we’re getting the floor done next week. Hopefully we’ll be able to move by the end of next week! So much work πŸ˜…

In September, I traveled to Italy with my partner. Here are some of the pictures I took at the time, finally seeing the light of the day. I took many other pictures, and it is very hard to choose what to show. Italy is such a beautiful country. We visited Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Pisa, Venezia, Bologna, Milano and Bergamo.

In the spirit of what has been happening to Twitter, Max added a verified checkmark to his personal website. Then, Jim followed with the idea. Since I also found the idea quite funny, now I also got myself a verified checkmark πŸ˜‚. And it costs less than having one on Twitter!