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Haven’t used Windows in quite some time, but I like to keep following the news as it was the OS that accompanied my childhood, most specifically Windows XP and Windows 7. Somehow I managed to skip Windows Vista, apart from some few interactions in someone else’s computer. Then, Windows 8 came and Windows 10 and I ended up moving to macOS for some other reasons and so far, haven’t gone back. I always enjoyed Window UI, at least to some extend.

This article shows UI elements present in Windows 11 that date to older versions of Windows. I expected to see things that dated back to Windows XP. However, I was surprised to see that you can still find UI elements from Windows 3.1 on Windows 11!

02 January 2023

Year in Music '22

Listening to Music 2022 marked the year that I went to my first actual concert. By actual concert I mean a concert that I paid for for an artist I wanted to see, in an actual concert hall. And, of course, I listened to a lot o songs thorough the year. This is the recap of 2022 in Music. Let’s see what I’ve been listening to this year.

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30 December 2022

Recently in December '22

December is concluding and with it, we’re closing in the end of 2022. With the end of this month, I am writing one more retrospective about the events that have happened in my life during the past month. I am still on the fence whether or not I am writing a “year in review”. I will likely do a post for music and one for movies and TV shows with some stats. But I’m not sure I will write a generic year in review.

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I really like the idea of Webmentions and Fediverse interactions, as well as displaying them in my website. However, sometimes I go through an old post and look at the webmentions, click on a few, and get a screaming 404 for all of them. That’s sad and I absolutely hate having dead links on my website, for I am aware I have too many, including to my own website. What I’m thinking is to hide webmentions for visitors: they will be visible for me as a logged in user, I always receive a notification when receiving one, so if it’s a reply, I can always react on it. However, I won’t display them on my website.

26 December 2022

Thoughts on Personal Websites and Online Identities

Online services. We all have accounts on those. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Mastodon, or some other thing that is sucking the life out of us. Even though we are the same physical being behind all of those accounts, we don’t always come out the same way to all of them. We look different, we sound different. Maybe that’s the nature of what we post there. They are all online identities.

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