jlelse’s Blog 15 Nov 2021 20:08

Do any of my readers have unlimited mobile data? If so, what do you do to with it? How has unlimited mobile data changed your usage behavior? I picked up a good deal a few days ago (by German standards – such contracts are usually very expensive here) and the SIM card is on its way to me now. With t…

I’ve had unlimited data since I moved to the Netherlands. I had very few GBs when I was back in Portugal and it was a bit stressful towards the end of the month to always make sure to not go over the limit. It’s quite nice now. And I can just create a hotspot for my laptop in case I don’t have Wi-Fi somewhere.

I am temporarily using both Miniflux and Monocle to check the people I follow. The main reason why I may move is that Monocle (and the whole surrounding Microsub ecosystem) allows me to easily react to posts.

Just had a nice pub quiz at a friend’s house and it was quite nice. Tomorrow (today?) is the first day of my last quartile of university in the foreseeable future. That makes me happy. On the other hand, everything will be online and the overall situation doesn’t look that great. Sleep well!

Tomorrow my classes start again. A fresh new quartile with 100% online classes. It seems I’ll do my masters with a single course on campus.

I just received the news that 2 out 3 courses next Q are online. Waiting for the 3rd. One of them is given in groups of 15 people ONLY (!!!). In the worst case scenario, I will be able to say that I did my master’s with 1 course on campus. On the best, 2. Thanks @TUeindhoven

jlelse’s Blog 10 Nov 2021 17:21

On my blog, I’ve had the ability to link posts to a location for some time now. There is also a map that shows all posts with a location. I have now extended this functionality. Now I can also store a GPX file in the metadata of a post, which is then rendered below the post on a map. Also the moveme…

That’s really cool! It reminds me that I would like to implement something similar in the future… So I shoved it in the gigantic list of things I would like to do after I move away from Hugo - almost there!

Aaron Parecki 25 Feb 2017 12:18

With Quill's new image uploading UI, I was able to easily add a form field for specifying image alt text. This is a relatively new feature of Micropub, added thanks to a review by the W3C accessibility group. When specifying alt text for an uploaded photo, the request is then sent as JSON format whi…

Is this not a feature anymore?

As I mentioned a few days ago, I have to decide between MeiliSearch and an SQL option. I will most likely go towards an SQL option because I need some sort of way to retrieve all the existing tags and I cannot do that with MeiliSearch unless I retrieve all posts and filter the tags.

I’m gonna be honest: I’m a bit scared of implementing this 😂 I haven’t used SQL databases in some time and I feel like something will break at some point. However, I’m trying to avoid CGO at all costs. Maybe I’ll try the newer non-CGO SQLite options for Go, or maybe I’ll just go with Postgres.

In the series of “the new version of my CMS”: trying to decide how to save context (reply, like, repost context) and webmentions. One option, which is the one I’m using right now with Hugo, is to have a sidecar file that contains those informations. In the new non-static system, that will mean every time I need to render a post, I need to read two files at least.

The other option would be to have an “xray” folder organized in a fashion like domain.com/hashoftheurl.json and then still use the sidecar file (or even the post frontmatter) to link all the webmentions and context data. That’d require more I/O operations though.

I think I’m going with the sidecar for now. How are you storing your webmentions?

Micropub Update Parsing Uncertainties

I am creating a new Micropub endpoint for my website and I read the specification. However, while testing the update action, something unexpected happened. The specification is not quite clear to whether we should deeply-traverse the update and update field by field, or solely replace the top-level keys.


Why is Bunny Optimizer Engine 10$ per month? That’s a bit too much. I must say that I’m tempted of the capabilities to resize images on demand instead of having to upload the right sizes - and then if I wanna change them, I have to reupload all images with the new sizes again. But 10$ is too much for that! There’s other services with lower princings though.

I’ve been diving a bit into the Microformats and JF2 formats and I was quite confused today. On my new system, I’m storing some properties as a “flattened” version of Microformats. For some reason I assumed that was JF2, but it isn’t! Here’s a nice read!