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This article by Austin is quite interesting. He talks about how programming can be seen as a playful thing, instead of making things that have a hard purpose. It reminds me of the time I made a few experiments for fun. I should do that kind of programming again: fun programming. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be web programming either. Just fun, with fun things.

Despite everything that I heard and read, my latest experience with mobile data connection in Germany was very good. I had 5G everywhere in Aachen and on the way there. I must admit that the first time I went to Germany that wasn’t the case, but it was also in a different area of the country.

Visiting Aachen's Christmas Market

Last weekend, Christiaan and I went to the Christmas Market in Aachen. The first time I went to a Christmas Market was in 2019, in Zurich, during a work trip. Until then, I did not even know that Christmas Markets were a thing. Since moving to The Netherlands, I’ve been wanting to visit one of these magical markets, but, unfortunately, Covid-19 made that impossible. Fortunately, last weekend we made that wish come true.

Traveling to Aachen from Eindhoven was quite straightforward, except for the fact that the railways between Heerlen and Aachen were in maintenance for that weekend only. How lucky! Nevertheless, there were replacement buses from Arriva that brought us to Aachen quickly.

In Aachen, I tried quite a few food items that I’ve never seen before. Namely, reibekuchen 🥔, interestingly shaped, yet amazingly delicious, pancakes 🥞, as well as some flammkuchen 🧅. All of these foods were very nice, especially enjoyed the pancakes and the flammkuchen.

Of course, among all these food, we also had some glühwein, both red and white. I have never seen white glühwein before, but it was quite nice. I also tried eierpunsch, which is quite delicious. I would just turn the notch down on the alcohol amount on that one 😅 And, finally, we also had some nice hot chocolates.

There were all kinds of things in the market, even though I expected it to be mostly food. That was a pleasant surprise. I bought a few gifts for my parents. I’m sure my mom would especially love going to a Christmas Market like this. I’m now in the process of convincing them to come next year around this time. The problem with it is the weather and how cold it is. But, as I told them, as long as it’s not raining a lot, the cold can be well mitigated with good clothes.

Looking forward for future Christmas Markets 🎄!

Update: yes, the mugs say 2023 and not 2022. Why? I don’t know. If you do know, please let me know!

Programming is always a fun thing. And that’s what we, developers, do. Sometimes we also write functionalities that we never use, even if we think that we’re going to selfdogfood them. Some time ago, I added authentication to this website such that anyone with IndieAuth could log in in it. In addition, I added private posts. However, have I ever used them? Basically no. Yes, I have used some private posts in the past but that is not something I have done for a long while. In addition, if I want to share something with someone specific, chances are that we already have some communication channel that is easier to use for both of us other than my website. I’m now considering removing private posts and login from others than me. Less code to maintain, less vectors of attack and issues. What do you think?

🥘 Ate Semi-homemade Cookies

We just made some cookies. They are not totally homemade since part of the mixture was pre-made. They are very good though. As you can see, some of them are missing too.

Tom describes his experiences on implementing part of the ActivityPub specification on top of his Jekyll-based static website. It is indeed quite interesting to me to see how he achieved it, mostly through “serverless” lambdas and whatnot. He notices, very well, that ActivityPub can be quite messy and is very active when compared to other technologies, such as RSS.

Similarly, most dynamic functionalities of my website could be implemented on top of a static website (as they once were). However, I’m not following that route now. Who knows if in the future I won’t switch back. An interesting… continuous… food for thought.

I’ve been using Duolingo with Dutch since I moved here. I’ve noticed my comprehension skills have improved - albeit not as much as I wish but I also didn’t put the effort. I’m thinking of taking actual real classes soon. I think it’s important as I’m planning to stay here for the near future.