Proportion: 30g beans : 500g water Grind: medium coarse


Grind beans and boil water Put paper filter (3 folds on the spout) Rinse filter with boiling water, dump the water Add groups, make little hole in the center Place on scale and zero it out Add 60-90g water and stir to wet all ground, wai…

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Upgrade Version in Docker

First, ensure there is a backup:

docker-compose exec {service} pgdumpall -U {postgresuser} dump.sql

Stop and remove the Docker container:

docker-compose stop {service} docker-compose rm -f {service}

Delete the data volume. Then, upgrade the version in docker-compose.…

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Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.

sequenceDiagram participant W as Workspace participant S as Staging participant LR as Local Repository participant R as Remote W- S: git add/mv/rm S- LR: git commit W-…

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