Very good resource, especially for new students of Computer Science. The lecturers go over many topics that were never brought up during any of my classes, which could’ve been pretty useful. Of course, some of us end up learning it by trying and searching, but it’d definitely be very great to have had something like this.

So the train is so delayed that they canceled the last two stations. Now I have to change in Freiburg to another train from DB. And we can only get that train because… it is also delayed. Now I missed my 2 trains in Switzerland and I will have to get 3 instead 🥲 On the way back I actually have a stop in Germany, before changing to Venlo. That scares me.

I’m in an ICE today for a 6 hour trip from the Netherlands to Switzerland. It’s my second trip on a long course train through Germany. It’s also my second time that the train gets delayed in Germany due to a fire. We’re now being diverted and getting a massive delay. Germany… please hold onto your fires.

Albert Heijn, the largest chain of supermarkets in The Netherlands, is notorious for not accepting debit cards that aren’t Maestro or V-Pay. This is due to the Dutch system only using Maestro and V-Pay, instead of Mastercard of Visa. Fortunately, Maestro and V-Pay are going to be deprecated in a few months, and therefore merchants have to start accepting Mastercard and Visa.

Yesterday, I was at Albert Heijn and I had a feeling. I decided to try my Portuguese debit card, which, being Visa, has always been rejected at Albert Heijn. I was pleasantly surprised when it worked. That is some progress.

I use my YubiKey for signing my git commits with my SSH key. I notice that, very frequently, the YubiKey hangs after I touch it. It takes a few seconds until it’s signed. Sometimes unplugging and re-plugging it briefly fixed the problem. Anyone has had this experience? It was much faster when I used GPG through the YubiKey for signing commits.