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Recently in August '21

August was a busy month. I fly back to the Netherlands quite in the beginning of the month so I could get my second Covid-19 vaccine, which caused a mild fever overnight but was pretty fine overall.

Then, I managed to get some more things for the house as I was in need of some kitchen tools. I also tried, for the first time, to use Hello Fresh. Basically, you select how many meals you want and for how many people, and they deliver you the right ingredients in the right amounts right to your door. It’s quite fantastic. You can even choose your meals!

In the middle of the month, I was able to visit a friend in Gent, which is located in the north of Belgium, Flanders. It was quite a nice trip, even though the train trip of 2h40m could be shortened with smaller interchange rates.

Later in the month, a friend came from Portugal to visit. We managed to visit Eindhoven - where I live -, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and a bit of Utrecht. It was really nice to visit these cities now that the Covid-19 measures are toned down again.

I’m now getting ready to be a mentor of international students, having workshops in cultural awareness and mentoring. Classes start next week!


Recently in July '21

This year has been passing way too fast. In the beginning, I felt the urge to finish the academic year. Now, I’m only one month away to the beginning of my (hopefully) last year of university. Exciting projects may happen this year and I’m here for it.

July was quite a nice month. In the beginning of the month, I came to Portugal. Then, my boyfriend and I visited Lisbon for roughly a week, which allowed me to see some of my friends, and then we went to Porto, where we had a nice boat ride.

Since then, I’ve been staying at my parents, and, I’m not going to lie, there’s not much to do, but it’s been good nevertheless. I will be soon returning to the Netherlands, so we don’t need to rush.

I’m hoping for a calmer academic year, but is it going to happen? Let’s slowly enjoy the rest of the summer.


Recently in June '21

June is done, exams are done, first year of my master’s degree is finished. Yay! I really don’t have many updates, besides the fact that I will be working on an exiting project next year at university.

Now, it’s time to rest and go back home.

Enjoy your summer, safely!


Now, if you decide to curl my website curl -L hacdias.com, you’ll get the same contents as my humans.txt file. Just a fun feature for curl users!

Recently in May '21

As I usually say, one more month has passed and we’re already in June! If everything goes on well, this is the last month of classes and exams of my Master’s first year.

It’s been very busy, and I’m pretty sure this month will be even more. There’s assignments to deliver almost every week for the many courses I have and I have to start preparing for the exams too.

In other news, I visited Den Haag, Maastricht and Tilburg! I also managed to dedicate more time to photography and revamp my photos page. But let’s be honest: I’m always changing something on this website so it’s not as if that’s news.

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the month, but I invite you to check out the other ones!



A few days ago I saw a blog post by GitHub announcing their support for security keys in SSH operations. After a bit of search, I discovered that OpenSSL 8.2, released last year, lets us use our FIDO2 devices (such as Yubikeys) to “unlock” our SSH private keys. This way, we don’t need the cumbersome GPG <-> SSH relation.

I tried it, and it was nice. I don’t know if I’m going to start using it right away because not every place uses OpenSSL 8.2+ yet, but soon, very soon.

Some links:

cd subdirectory alias with completions in zsh

For quite some time, I’ve had a helper function on my ZSH config to quickly be able to cd to specific directories. It looked something like this:

1function cdc() {
2  cd "$HOME/Code/$1"

So simply typing cdc or even cdc hacdias/hacdias.com would work perfectly. But there was a problem: I was seeing myself just typing cdc, pressing enter, and then “cding” to the right directory. This mostly happened because there was no autocomplete with this function.

Yesterday I decided to investigate how to enable autocomplete for this function and it’s actually pretty straightforward. To do so, you need to implement a definition function. It is standard to call it _{name of alias}. Hence, in our case, it would be _cdc.


jlelse's Blog 20 May 2021 20:23

I can now mark text with ==text== in GoBlog. This is probably even better in some cases than using bold text. Isn’t it? 🤔

Hmm… The marked text doesn’t seem to show up on Miniflux. Not sure if it’s not in the feed at all, or if Miniflux just removes it 😮

I’m thinking of changing how my “photos” section works, or maybe have two different sections. On one hand, I the possibility of being able to just share a random, single photo I liked, like on Instagram. On the other hand, I really enjoy the aspect of curating stories - like here and here.

I think it’s possible to do both, but is it worth it? Should I invest my time in doing so? I’m gonna work on some ideas and possibly update it on the near future. Who knows?