Upframe is a movement built by students, professors, companies, incubators and startup founders worldwide with the mission to promote the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in students.

I’ve worked as an Head of Technology and my experience has taught me some things, which I describe in a blog post, such as: how to work in a team with a designer, how to develop myself, how to hear the opinion of other people, etc.


  • Helped organise a mentorship-driven program where we connected mentors from well known companies (such as Tesla, Twitter, Spotify, etc) to first-time entrepreneurs with over 150 applications.
  • Developed a Slack bot, using Go, to manage the enrolments to the program.
  • Built a REST API for managing email transactions, newsletters and enrolments in the program.
  • Developed a back office website which allowed to see who was at the office, to send emails and to manage the newsletters.

On the media

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