Note: if you decide to read my old posts, please bear in mind that those were written when I was in high school or before!

Working on Pplware

Pplware is a Portuguese project which includes a tech news and tips blog, a forum, a kids-directed website and many subject-specific groups on social networks. The main goal was to deliver the most recent news, guides and tutorials for the Portuguese-speaking community.

File Browser

File Browser (formerly known as File Manager) provides a file managing interface within a specified directory and it can be used to upload, delete, preview, rename and edit your files. It allows the creation of multiple users and each user can have its own directory. This software can be either used as a standalone application or as a middleware.

Hello, World!

Hello, world!

This is how I start my first newsletter: the same way I started programming. If you’re receiving this on your mail inbox, that means you probably know me. Anyway, I’m Henrique Dias, a 16 years old student who loves music and programming stuff.

New Year's Resolutions for 2016

One year more has passed. It seems like yesterday I was turning thirteen. Nostalgia. 2015 has been very turbulent and troubled year, but still amazing and meaningful. It has been very antithetical in so many ways I can’t tell you. But being that way helped me to grow more than in the years before - growing is a continuous process we should never fear.

Verdades Incógnitas

Estou a dormir. Ponto. Eu sei que estou a dormir. Sim, eu sei que mais tarde vou ter que me levantar. Não. Não és tu que dizes que eu devo ser. Não és tu que mandas nas minhas ações. Tu não és eu. Sim. Sou eu que mando em mim. Sou eu que ordeno e comando as minhas ações. Não tenho a certeza. Talvez… Tudo é incerto. Será que não sou eu quem manda nas minhas ações? Talvez sejas tu. Não sei. Com tantas incertezas que existem, como saberei quem manda em mim? Simplesmente não saberei. Ninguém sabe muitas das verdades escondidas, verdades secretas e incógnitas nunca antes pensadas e descobertas.

Intermittent Threads

I was there. I turn my head to the left and I see a bullet coming in my direction. The clock stops. I stop. I see myself doing nothing. I see my whole life running throughout my brain. I realize that I haven’t done what I should have done. My whole life was a wire, an intermittent wire which is going to eventually break up. I see my children, I see all of the people I love. The time starts counting. The bullet reaches my heart and the wire breaks up. My soul stays a little bit more connected to my body, but it’s just for a few seconds. There isn’t one wire now. There are two: the one we left in the Earth and the one which handles our memories.

Uncertain State

Death. It’s the most heard word in the last days. Crime. And they say it was orders from their God. Who’s the God? Just someone telling them to kill, to suffocate the people until they die. Why are You doing this? Why is this God telling them to kill this people? Innocents. They didnt do anything. They were people. Just like you, just like me. They were in the wrong place. At the wrong time. Why there? Why them? Was it the fate? Why? Just asking, I don’t know the answers. Should we know them? No one knows. We’re living and dying at the same time. They know they would die. But not this way, not this moment. They were screaming inside. Inside their minds. I wish it hadn’t happened. I’m crying. Why? Why if it has nothing to do with me. They’re people. It could be with me, it could be with you, it could be with the people you love. The world is unfair. Were just like atoms, living in an uncertain state.

The first day at your brand new job

You got a job! And today’s the first day, what are you going to do? Let’s make a party and make everyone dance! What? No… wait! You’re nervous, you don’t have to be. Let’s talk.

You born, then you do the elementary, middle and high school. After finishing it, you go to university, do the course, go to the lectures, do the examinations and so on. Then you finish the course and you need to improve your CV. You improve it the maximum and start sending it to companies - if they didn’t contact you first.

Farewell, WordPress! Hello, Hugo

Firstly, a little bit of history - when I begun this blog, I’ve already been using WordPress on Pplware for a while. So, I tought: I know it, it’s simple, it’s easy to use, I’m going to use it on my personal blog.

After deciding I was going to use WordPress, I bought a domain on GoDaddy (which I recommend) and paid for hosting on PTServidor. With the blog set up, I started writing posts in portuguese. I did it for some time.