GitHub Profile Widget for WordPress

Luís Soares and I have created two plugins for WordPress: one for HackerRank and another for IMDb. Today, we announce a new plugin for WordPress which has been available since last month: GitHub Profile Widget.

Even the developers should have an easy way to show their work on their own blog. So we created this brand new plugin for WordPress. This plugin gives you a widget to show your GitHub profile or an organization’s profile in your blog. It’s very simples to setup.

The front-end

The front-end


It is available for download here or just search “GitHub Profile Widget” on your WordPress dashboard.

The back-end

The back-end

Technologies and Tips

To build this plugin we used the marvelous GitHub API but there was a simple problem: calls per hour. GitHub’s API is limited to 60 calls per hour without login, I think.

To workaround that “problem”, we made use of WordPress options to cache the information. By default, the cache is cleaned each 5 minutes to make sure you don’t have problems. It can be changed.

If you don’t want to use the cache, set the option to 0 minutes. But if you do that, you should use a token so you don’t have problems with the limit of calls. The code is open source on GitHub.

Luís Soares also wrote an article about this plugin. We hope you enjoy!