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I started this website in 2014, when I was 14. At the time, all the content was in Portuguese, and I was running multiple blogs. After a while, I decided to start writing in English hoping it would improve my English skills, which I can argue that worked. Nowadays, all other blogs I had are merged under the current domain.

This website has seen quite a few redesigns. I wrote about all the main designs I had before this website was part of the IndieWeb community, and after. I am still not 100% settled on the current design. However, major changes are slowing down, which means I might be coming to a good point where I am mostly satisfied.

πŸ’‘ Why Does This Website Exist?

I cannot recall the exact reason why I created this website in first place. However, I know the reasons why I currently maintain it. I think that everyone should have their own personal website as it is a good way for all of us to express ourselves. In contrast to social media, you can costumize your website the way you want and make it look the way you want.

Having a website lets you share things with others without the pressure and limitations of social media. It also feels more permanent. In addition, I use this website to share what I’m doing, what I’ve learned and it’s also kind of knowledge base that I can always search to find things on. It is a record.

βš™οΈ How Does This Website Work?

Over time, this website has suffered significant changes on how it works. For most of the time, this website used to be a completely static website, relying on Hugo. In addition to Hugo, I have a custom back-end that enables some features that I enjoy, such as an online dashboard, login, and others. This is powered by Eagle.

Regarding storage and hosting, this website is hosted in a VPS I rent with Hetzner and it goes through Cloudflare for caching. I also use Bunny for most of my media content, as they provide very fast CDN storage for good prices. Finally, this website supports many features endorsed by the IndieWeb community, such as Webmentions, Microformats and IndieAuth.

βš–οΈ Disclaimers

  • Opinions change over time. If you’re reading something that is many years old, or even just a few months or weeks old, it may not reflect my current opinion. The same applies for technical articles or any other knowledge that may be outdated. If you’re unsure about something I wrote, please contact me for clarification instead of jumping into conclusions.

  • No guest posts. I have been receiving more and more e-mails regarding guest posts. This is my personal website and I will not publish third party guest posts.

  • This website sets cookies after authentication via IndieAuth. The cookie is used to know whether you are logged in or not. The cookie only contains the ID provided by your IndieAuth endpoint.