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I can be reached through different means, and you can find me on different platforms. If you need to reach me directly, please use E-mail, Telegram, or Matrix, as linked below. You can also check other social media if you prefer.

πŸ•Έ Elsewhere

In other social media I am active on, I can be usually found as @hacdias. Here are some of the potentially most relevant platforms where I am currently active.

πŸ—ž Feeds

This website provides Atom and JSON feeds for the home page, which combines articles, photos, and book reviews, as well as for each one of the sections, individually. Your feed reader should be able to pick up the feed URL. If it doesn’t, you can use the following URLs:

πŸ— PGP

In the unlikely event you may want to send me something encrypted via a non-secure channel:

  • Fingerprint: 59F0 9665 3717 2F4B 08BB 9B0D AB1E 4824 D1F8 A974
  • Location:
  • Quick import: curl -sL | gpg --import