Hey! This is my 90s-style inspire guestbook. Feel free to drop me a line or two - or more if you want - just to say hi or anything else you want. Hope you enjoyed navigating my corner in the Internet!

Outstanding website. Web can be cool again with IndieWeb and Eagle. Thanks for the good work!

β€” Sasha Wasilewska, 18 November 2021
Your site is amazing :o)

β€” vinc[E], 12 November 2021
Really like the website!

β€” Frank, 11 July 2021
genial amei 10/10

β€” Francisco, 29 June 2021
Hi. Always nice to see guestbooks again.

β€” Lori, 30 May 2021
Hey there 😁

β€” Anonymous, 28 April 2021
Thank you for creating your very, very cool website. Seeing people create personal websites full of personality inspires me to do the same. So again, thank you!

β€” Anonymous, 10 December 2020
Hello! Nice site you've got here :3 -Erin (

β€” Erin, 18 November 2020
Cute site! Love your music taste and the fact that you want to make dutch your third language.

β€” Anonymous, 24 July 2020
This was super cool to check out.

β€” Anonymous, 13 July 2020

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