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Guestbook Hi! In the 90s and early 2000s, having a guestbook on one’s website was a common practice and a way for everyone to share their opinions about each other’s corner of the Internet. I find it an amazing idea so feel free to drop off a few lines or juts say hi. Hope you enjoyed navigating my corner in the Internet!

Thank you for Filebrowser.
β€” Anonymous, 2023-09-27
Oh man, great to see a real guestbook in 2023! Keep up the good work, awesome website. πŸ₯°
Digging the impossible list πŸ“and everything else on this site! Love the use of polite color palette 🎨
Beatiful site. Even better posts. But a dark mode is much required!
β€” Anonymous, 2023-06-23
Where's the dark mode? My πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ are πŸ”₯.
Love the website - the impossible list, the emojis, and especially the photos <3
β€” Your Microlab neighbour, 2023-06-06
like your impossible list
Really digging the indieweb, thanks for such an interesting contribution to it!
β€” Anonymous, 2023-02-17
best use of emojies in this site
β€” Anonymous, 2023-01-04
Really came here because I did a search for those who run GoBlog and am interested in setting it up. Stayed because there are some interesting topics and pondering I've been thinking about myself-- always interesting when others are thinking similarly; makes me feel like I'm "normal" 😏
β€” Starrwulfe, 2022-12-27
i'm really enjoying reading your corner in the internet! keep going :)
β€” Anonymous, 2022-11-19
Wow, guestbooks are still there? I love it!
β€” Anonymous, 2022-09-08
hi! your site is, as always, really good! glad that the easter egg on /more still eggists. (i did not receive any financial compensation for writing this. promise!)
Your website is really cool!
β€” Jacky, 2022-02-12
Searching for wireguard / RPi info.... started browsing your site while waiting on updates/reboots etc - fun stuff you have going on - best wishes as you finish school and beyond.
β€” Anonymous, 2022-01-24
I am really digging your blog!
β€” JR, 2022-01-09
Outstanding website. Web can be cool again with IndieWeb and Eagle. Thanks for the good work!
β€” Sasha Wasilewska, 2021-11-18
Your site is amazing :o)
β€” vinc[E], 2021-11-12
Really like the website!
β€” Frank, 2021-07-11
genial amei 10/10
β€” Francisco, 2021-06-29
Hi. Always nice to see guestbooks again.
β€” Lori, 2021-05-30
Hey there 😁
β€” Anonymous, 2021-04-28
Thank you for creating your very, very cool website. Seeing people create personal websites full of personality inspires me to do the same. So again, thank you!
β€” Anonymous, 2020-12-10
Hello! Nice site you've got here :3
β€” Erin, 2020-11-18
Cute site! Love your music taste and the fact that you want to make dutch your third language.
β€” Anonymous, 2020-07-24
This was super cool to check out.
β€” Anonymous, 2020-07-13