Website Ideas

  • Backup my email.
  • Serve my blog over dat://
  • Add
  • Automatic blogroll from Aperture
  • Import and create some visualisation tool.
  • Simplify bookmarks page to list all of them in a list form.
  • Should I add date above the posts? My main problem with this is information scattering. I didn’t want to have the tags separated from the date and category. On the other hand, it may be useful to have the category and date in the beginning.

URLs and Dates

  • Maybe change the URL format I’m using for most stuff to include a slug and remove the id. I think most of the URLs are too big for no reason.
    • /articles/2020/01/article-slug ; or
    • /a/2020/01/article-slug
    • Remove the day and add a slug most of the times. If no slug, just a number or random slug.
  • Opinions change kind of box with 1year+ posts.

Media Endpoint

  • Fix photos to CDN.
  • Move all pictures to CDN.
  • Media entry point
    • Resize automatically through params.

Knowledge Base

Right now, I render all the Mermaid diagrams and $\LaTeX$ on the fly on the client side. It would be interesting if I rendered those first on the client side. It would certainly be better in terms of performance. The only downsite would be that the import script could take a little longer, which isn’t a really big downside from my POV.

Things to import

  • Calculus I cheatsheet
  • Calculus II cheatsheet
  • Complex Analysis cheatsheet / notes
  • Differential Equations cheatsheet / notes
  • Programming Fundamentals notes
  • Logic for Programming notes
  • Discreet Mathematics notes
  • Computer Architecture cheatsheet
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Algorithms notes
  • Electromagnetism and Waves notes

Recipes Section