Jan-Lukas Else 17 Feb 2020 18:38

Opinions can change over time. And since I often post opinions on my blog, I’ve added a feature to my blog theme that displays a warning message above posts that are over one year old (example).I have been blogging for some time now. There were times when blogging was my escape to deal with …

Lyz Lenz 15 Feb 2020 20:15

My kids and I are on the last chapter of the last Harry Potter book. A journey we began in July of 2019. And before the chapter began my 8yo shook my hand and said, "mom, it's been an honor." And this is exactly how I imagined parenting would be.

Frederico Raposo 13 Feb 2020 03:12

As coisas bem feitas. Na Av. Manuel da Maia, a ciclovia está à cota da estrada e separada do tráfego rodoviário pelo estacionamento automóvel, com o devido espaçamento e colocação de pilaretes. A ligação à ciclovia da Rovisco País está feita sem interrupções. Bem a @CamaraLisboa.

Jan-Lukas Else 13 Feb 2020 08:23

I just added a page that lists all the photos from this blog. It’s my alternative to using Instagram. Everyone can view my photos without the need to create an account, seeing advertisements and getting tracked. It was also a little challenge getting Hugo to filter and list all posts.

jlelse's Blog 06 Feb 2020 10:41

I wonder if I will even be able to finish my ActivityPub implementation during this holiday. ActivityPub is somehow more complex than expected and unfortunately there are not many implementations to get inspiration from. Meanwhile my idea is to use Hugo to generate ActivityStream JSON files which …

Jan-Lukas Else 03 Feb 2020 16:01

I started developing my ActivityPub implementation. It will be a little Go application, which sends out every new item in a JSON Feed to the followers. It will be possible to configure multiple feeds and ActivityPub actors, so that I can use it for my blog with one actor for the English blog and one …