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Sebastiaan Andeweg 15 Dec 2021 13:32

Ik was dus bezig met Advent of Code maar ben uitgevallen na dag 12. Het is de eerste keer dat ik meedoe (collega was erg enthousiast) en ik had mezelf direct al een moeilijkheid gegeven van elke dag in een andere programmeertaal te werken. Maar na 12 dagen werd ik wel een beetje tureluurs van DuckDu…

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Unknown Original Post

Hello! I’ve been thinking about how to explain DNS a bunch in the last year. I like to learn in a very hands-on way. And so when I write a zine, I often close the zine by saying something like “… and the best way to learn more about this is to play around and experiment!“. So I built a site where yo…

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jlelse’s Blog 11 Dec 2021 20:00

Every good blogging system should have an option to schedule posts for later! GoBlog now has such a feature as well. And this is the first scheduled post. 😀 And I finally started writing the documentation on how to use GoBlog…