November 06, 2022

In this page, you can find a collection of different links I collected over the years. This can be links to nicely written posts about a topic that I found very intriguing, or just a website that evoked some emotions in me. In addition, I also have a less curated bookmarks page.

πŸ“° Articles

  • How NAT traversal works - this is an article by Tailscale that explains ho NAT traversal works and the different algorithms they employ in order to reach the majority of the internet.
  • What is the Small Web? – this is an article by Aral Balkan where they compare the state of the current web, the big web, with the web of the people. It introduces the concept of “small web”.

πŸ«‚ Friends and Acquaintances

These are some of my friends and acquaintances that also happen to have their own website. Let’s make the small web larger.

πŸ¦‹ Inspirational

🚧 This is a work in progress.

These are some websites that inspired mine in some way, such as in design, in content organization, or in style. I do not guarantee that the current iterations of the website were the ones that inspires me though.

πŸ’ Webrings

Webrings and lists of personal websites are golden in the small web. They help you discover the Internet and find website you would never find when using regular search engines. Here’s a list of some webrings and lists of personal websites that I find quite nice:

πŸ•Έ Old Websites

🧻 Blogroll

An alphabetically sorted list of blogs, websites and people that I follow. News websites are not included. This list is automatically updated every day.