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This is a short summary of my most listened artists and tracks over the past week 🎢. I use’s API to gather the information.


  1. No Rome
  2. Slayyyter
  3. Harris Cole
  4. Sia
  5. The Japanese House
  6. ||||||||||||||||||||
  7. Above & Beyond
  8. Allie X
  9. beabadoobee
  10. Blind Auditions of every WINNER of The Voice 2020


  1. Gone Fishing by Harris Cole
  2. Solved Quick by ||||||||||||||||||||
  3. Quasar by Gidge
  4. Laamore by Hidden Spheres
  5. Daffodils by Jacaszek
  6. Blanky (feat. Michiel Borstlap) by Joris Voorn
  7. Clouds by Slayyyter
  8. In Your Eyes (with Doja Cat) - Remix by The Weeknd
  9. Subtract by A.L.I.S.O.N
  10. Slow Buchla Sunshine by Above & Beyond

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