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This is a short summary of my most listened artists and tracks over the past week 🎢. I use’s API to gather the information.


  1. Omar Rudberg
  2. Marina
  3. Agnes
  4. Pabllo Vittar
  6. LuΓ­sa Sonza
  7. Troye Sivan
  8. Charli XCX
  9. Epona
  10. Cutts


  1. MODO TURBO by LuΓ­sa Sonza
  2. Angel Baby by Troye Sivan
  3. Good Ones by Charli XCX
  4. Honey by Cutts
  5. I Miss The Days (feat. Party Pupils) by GALXARA
  6. Alla Ba Ouff by Omar Rudberg
  7. You by Regard
  8. Fingers Crossed - The CircleΒ° Sessions by Agnes
  9. Le combat du comfort by Chris Tiaan
  10. People Watching by Conan Gray