Tantek Çelik28 Oct 2022

#TwitterMigration, first time? Have posted notes to https://tantek.com/ since 2010, POSSEd tweets & #AtomFeed. Added one .htaccess line today, and thanks to #BridgyFed, #Mastodon users can follow my #IndieWeb site @tantek.com@tantek.com No Mastodon install or account needed. Just one line in .ht…


Sarah Fossheim :verified_gay:06 Nov 2022

I don’t think I’ve done an introduction of my css drawings yet. I drew all of these with divs, shadows and gradients. At some point I’ll give each of them their own website, until then they’re here:https://codepen.io/collection/nwzQJq https://github.com/sarahfossheim/art.cssThe Polaroid one got repo…

Jan Boddez02 Dec 2022

I’d never heard of `scrollbar-gutter: stable` (but regularly use `overflow-y: scroll`). The former probably looks better on most pages; if certain elements are to extend all the way to the edge of the window, an actual scrollbar may provide the more consistent look.https://www.matuzo.at/blog/2022/10…

@jan@geekcompass.com Had to open MDN page to see what this article was about 😅 It seems that the property makes no difference on macOS, yet.

Folks at work recently released NAT hole punching in libp2p and are now trying to find people to try it out to collect some valuable data. Libp2p is a modular network stack for P2P applications. NAT traversal and hole punching are quite important topics when it comes to building p2p applications, since it enables different machines behind NATs to talk to each other. If you care about p2p applications, please join the experiment! There’s more details in the linked page about how it works and the data collected.

Jan Boddez25 Nov 2022

Congrats! Aside: My feed reader/X-Ray/php-mf2 failed to correctly parse the u-video property. If moved to the source element, it works okay. (See also: https://pin13.net/mf2/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fhacdias.com%2F2022%2F11%2F25%2Fmsc-graduation-ceremony.)

Thank you, and thank you! It should be fixed now 😄

Two days ago I shared that I was able to engrave my name in the Alumni Avenue. I now share some pictures from the graduation ceremony that took place on Monday. During the ceremony, each supervisor makes a little speech about each student. Even though I knew that was a costume here in The Netherlands, I was still surprised by it. I’m now sharing the pictures and video with you. They are, after all, public. I am really glad this chapter is concluded and I’m looking forward for the future.

Note: photos and video are copyrighted by TU/e. Photos are originally on Flickr, and video is originally on YouTube.


Cassandra Granade23 Nov 2022

@zkat I honestly keep wondering about the differential climate impact between centralized and federated architectures, especially when the latter currently tend to be backed by languages that are dependent on interpreter overhead. Not even by way of defending walled gardens, but more wondering where…