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Classes are back, tests are back, projects are back. After @jlelse’s posting about his classes starting I thought it would be a great idea to do a small recap of what’s happened in the past two weeks and what’s about to start. I’m in the final year of my Bachelor’s, in the last semester. My classes started two weeks ago and from now on I have project deliveries every week until the end of May. In addition, I also have tests and oral presentations in the middle. This Friday I need to deliver the first part of a project, then Monday I might have an oral presentation, Tuesday a test and next Friday two project deliveries.

In the meanwhile, we’re also building a compiler for compiler’s course! So far, it seems to be the most interesting project we’re doing this semester. We’re definitely not building the entire compiler, there’s a lot of boilerplate done. We’re using tools such as Lex and YACC to build it. So far, so good.

Due to the workload I’m gonna have now, I also took the conscious decision to pause my work at Protocol Labs until the end of June. It’s unfortunate because that’s something I really enjoy doing. However, I feel it’s the best to focus on my Bachelor’s now.

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