Any interesting resources on how to learn Dutch?

Or if you don't know what a response is, you can always write a webmention comment (you don't need to know what that is).

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Sebastiaan Andeweg Sebastiaan Andeweg said: Speakers of Dutch may ignore this post. Learners of Dutch might be interested. I offered Henrique to answer questions about Dutch, because I like learning languages myself, and know a bit about it, since it’s my native language and I’ve studied it. In the past I wanted to start a learning resource … β€” 17 Jul 2020 20:03
Bexysiggetje Bexysiggetje said: Veel lezen en het proberen β€” 15 Jul 2020 04:52
toddgrotenhuis toddgrotenhuis said: @hacdias following this conversation... β€” 15 Jul 2020 03:27
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Malik Malik said: I can introduce you to my friends. Maybe they'll be able to help! β€” 14 Jul 2020 14:53
🏑 Matt Holt 🏑 Matt Holt said: /cc @dgryski β€” 14 Jul 2020 14:40
Alexandre o Grande Alexandre o Grande said: Duolingo perhaps? It may teach you the basics β€” 14 Jul 2020 14:31