Morning rant and controversial opinions: we should all be required to wear masks in public, whether we’re on a street or in an enclosed space. Some European countries are finally understanding the need. Look at the Asian countries: they were already doing that, it works. I use a mask everywhere but my home but I’m just protecting everyone else. Everyone needs to use a mask so it actually works and we protect each other. Using a mask doesn’t make hard to breath, using a mask is not complicated. Does your face get hotter? Yes, but just don’t leave home while it’s 40C. You shouldn’t be doing that in first place. It’s easy, it’s not expensive and it’ll help everyone. Other than that, it would also be cool to make sure everyone was tested before flying but that… that is much more complicated than just wearing a mask. I’m moving to the Netherlands in the second half of next month. I’m worried. I don’t know who I’ll encounter in the airport and plane and I’ll be leaving with people that will be just arriving from other countries. Just… wear masks and we will all be safer. It’s a community effort. We can stop this.

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