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Quartile 4 is practically finished for me. After a week of 4 exams, I feel tired. I don’t recommend to anyone having to do 4 3 hour exams in a week. Nor today, nor ever.

Even though I only had 3 courses, I had to repeat an exam from last quartile which just made everything more stressfull. In Portugal, if I had to repeat the exam, it would be usually 2 or 3 weeks later. Here, I had to go through over 2 months to repeat an exam and do it along 3 others.

I’m hoping these 4 exams were good though and I really hope I passed everything now. It’s been some stressful months and the covid situation is doing everything but helping.

I hope you’re doing well :) I am going to try to enjoy next week. Because in two weeks, more classes again. I wonder how the Dutch students live with no breaks in between quartiles!

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