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I’m thinking of changing how my “photos” section works, or maybe have two different sections. On one hand, I the possibility of being able to just share a random, single photo I liked, like on Instagram. On the other hand, I really enjoy the aspect of curating stories - like here and here.

I think it’s possible to do both, but is it worth it? Should I invest my time in doing so? I’m gonna work on some ideas and possibly update it on the near future. Who knows?

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Henrique Dias Henrique Dias said: A bunch of ideas for my website that might never get implemented.Wanna know more about the website? Check out the meta page! Reading sectionCreate backend interface to edit reads / progress / info. IndieWeb meta tags? Notes sectionMerge small notes if possible. Clean up titles. Clean up (add!) … β€” 11 May 2021 09:13