Quarantine, and being home with my parents, made me realize some things that some people, unfortunately, don’t experience. I want to get back home after classes to find the people that were strangers to me two years ago; I want to go wash my clothes just to find out the washing machine is being used; I want to cook my dinner just to find out someone else’s already using the oven; I want to go shower just to find out someone’s using the bathroom; I want insert list of things we usually complain about.

Jan-Lukas Else 13 Apr 2020 10:31

I’m currently browsing the docs of the static site generator Eleventy (also known as 11ty). Although I prefer Go and I’m not a big JavaScript (and npm) fan for various reasons, I now consider Eleventy as an alternative to Hugo for my blog. I’m reaching the limits of Hugo more often and have to find …

Please let me know how it goes! I thought about moving to 11ty when I was setting up my whole “IndieWeb system” but I ended up not doing so. However, sometimes I feel like it’d be much better/simpler to have it all in JavaScript since all the scripts I use to fetch information from here and there are in JS. And it also seems more flexible!

Sebastiaan Andeweg 09 Apr 2020 07:07

As you can see on my site: at the time of writing I don't have them. I do show a line with a summary of the post. It shows the author's name, the post's title or just 'a post' if nothing is available. I have been planning for a long time to add context to it, but I would only do that on the …

You’ve made good points: if I want to show something, I’ll always need to fetch it. I’m actually using XRay for it right now which is really straightforward to use. However, as simple as it might be, I’m not happy with the code of my backend API. Some places feel more complex than they should be. I’ll need to revisit it soon.

Thanks for letting me know your opinion on this. I’ll probably be keeping it as it is right now.

Jan Boddez 09 Apr 2020 06:10

In reply to https://hacdias.com/notes/2020/04/08/3/context-boxes/. Definitely useful! (I’m also still searching for a better way to display such context, and for now tend to explicitly mention the URL I’m referring to do, and maybe a blockquote. Minimal, but works.) I still mostly follow blogs via …

Didn’t expect it to be that useful. I’ll be keeping it then. And thanks for reading my blog :D

Jan-Lukas Else 08 Apr 2020 13:27

I think I have never written so many emails during my entire studies as in the last few weeks. But hey, I like to write emails and I’m really glad that my studies are continuing despite Corona (and therefore without any attendance events). Especially the flexibility that I can schedule most things …

Interesting… we’re having most classes via Zoom. Some via Discord and some are just pre-recorded videos to check out.

Shower thought: do you think the boxes with context about replies, likes and reposts are needed? I’m trying to reduce the complexity and cut edges that I don’t think are needed. I could just re-style it in a way to show that it is a like or repost with a link without the “entire” information - which, most of the times, is not the entire stuff because I set a maximum length.

If you’re reading this, what’s your opinion? Is it really required? Do you find it useful? Or just pretty?

Spacedodo42 08 Apr 2020 11:58

You definitely know how to shade well, so if you want to move forwards, a tip I have is to try to use more irregular shapes! Maybe a part of the house is chipped a little, or a brick is a little broken? Either way, nice work!

@neptzoo thank you so much! I will work on improving and getting to more irregular figures. I really want to do so but not much confident. Need to try it out.

The IndieWeb own-your-data-thing can be complicated sometimes. Since there are no full fledged systems that allow us to interact with other social media without having to implement it ourselves, sometimes we get to the point where we feel kind of limited. I’m trying not to use other services or, if I do, I’m just POSSE’ing to them. Sometimes it’s hard because there are communities that are more connected on some social media (e.g., Twitter) and the bridge is not always perfect.

Edit: I just hope someday we can have a federated social network that can easily interact with all others…