Jan Boddez 12 Oct 2020 15:12

In reply to https://hacdias.com/articles/2020/10/rebuilding-eagle-cms/. Interestingly, your h-feeds seem (somewhat) broken now. Like, could your entries be missing a u-url? I also seem to be missing photos in older postsβ€”again, in my h-feed reader. I’d dig a bit deeper, but β€œposting from my phone,” …

Oopsie! Thanks for letting me know. I noticed there was an issue with the URLs on the feeds (they missed the domain and were relative). Should be fixed now. Can I ask you which reader are you using? So I can check next time before making changes!

Hey y’all! Two quick big updates: first, I replaced the wizard emoji on my headers to a cute picture my friend Christiaan made based on a picture of me! Secondly, just created a darkroom page intended to replace the #LifeThroughLenses tag with a much sleeker look. Check it out!

Addendum: OMG, I’ve been using Hugo for, literally, 1/4 of my life!

I have been living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands for two weeks already! Isn’t that crazy? So far, I’ve only had one week of (remote) classes. What bothers me most is that most professors just decided that we should watch the videos of the lectures from previous quarters (because they already recorded them). In addition, all three courses I have this quarter are fully evaluated by a single exam that just counts 100% of the grades. Very theoritical so far. However, I know that some other courses later on are not like this. Other than that, it’s being an amazing experience.

(The post services in the Netherlands are super fast)

Yesterday there was a train crash here in Portugal. A fast train circulating at 190 km/h crashed against a “maintenance” vehicle that did not respect the red sign as they say. All commercial trains here have a system to stop them automatically if they don’t respect a yellow/red light so they think the issue was human and related to the small maintenance vehicle that is not equipped with the system. Both workers on that vehicle ended up dying. More details on BBC. But let’s say that there were more than 200 people on the train and all of them survived and there were barely any serious injuries. That, that is impressive.