I’ve been thinking about replacing Miniflux with Aperture + Monocle. I like the idea of using a Microsub client so that I can quickly reply, like or react to any post. The problem is that, unfortunately, aperture insists on not fetching posts for two of the websites I follow… I either write my own Microsub server, or go back to just Miniflux.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with Aperture?

Christmas πŸŽ„ season has started and I already started watching Christmas movies! Last night, I watched Single All The Way which made me cry een beetje!

The grade of my penultimate exam at TU/e was just released and I passed! I was a bit worried about that one. Now, I’m just waiting for the grades of a report delivered this Sunday and another project delivered over a month ago… After this quartile, I won’t have classes anymore 🀭

This is going to be an intense week! Assuming the week started Sunday, there are 4 deadlines. 2 of them are already delivered. 1 of them is ready to present Wednesday. The other one still needs to be finished and recorded until Thursday. After both of those, I have 4 papers to read. In the meanwhile, there are other work and personal-related deadlines that are worrying me.

A friend of mine is staying with me since last Wednesday. He’s also Portuguese and today he had the most Dutch experience: get completely soaked by rain while biking. Is he ever coming back to this country? πŸ˜‚

On the past few days, I worked a bit on my IndieAuth implementation. Now, I am both a server and a client and you can log in on my website. There may be some posts that only logged in people can see. Besides, if I shared something with you, it will be visible under the private page.

With this, I also wrote a Go module (hacdias/indieauth) to help anyone that is using to to integrate IndieAuth on their system. πŸ˜„

Portugal may be bad at bureaucracy for foreigners and the likes. But the Netherlands seems to beat Portugal by far for simple things, such as being self-employed. In Portugal it’s just a switch in the tax office website. Don’t get me started about it here.

I just secretly added a new section called itineraries with… well… itineraries! Some are private, as they are in the future. I quite like this functionality: I had to take some time to find some trains I took over the past two years. Fortunately, they were not that many and they were all in my e-mail. Older data I don’t have. I did not add any of the train trips I’ve done in the Netherlands, but maybe later of if I figure out NS API.

Just submitted a complaint to my university. Last year I did the same and after a few meetings, nothing happened. But now? Now almost everyone I know - except for the people the have exactly the same courses as me - has some sort of class on campus. Yet, I have none. 2 of my courses don’t even reach the limit of people to need to do hybrid education (we’re less than 10). But is anyone else going to complain? No! Maybe if more people did complain, something would change. I’m paying for on campus education. If I wanted online education, I could just go to Udemy or edX.

I bought my first power bank ever - yes, ever - and it just arrived. Hope it doesn’t explode!