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Site Ideas

A bunch of ideas for my website that might never get implemented.

Wanna know more about the website? Check out the meta page!

  • Change the font-size to 17px (more?). be careful with different device sizes. Mobile keep 16. Test.

  • Reading section
    • Create backend interface to edit reads / progress / info.
    • IndieWeb meta tags?
  • Notes section
    • Merge small notes if possible.
    • Clean up titles.
    • Clean up (add!) tags.
    • Clean up content.
    • Back-links references.
  • Articles
    • Move out of year/month folder structure.
  • Finish uses.
  • Create /meta/historical with pictures of old versions of my website.
  • Move all images to CDN except SVGs?
  • Travelling tracker
    • Map visualization with places I have been to.
    • Stammy has really nice map animations.
    • Perhaps import account with the flights I have done?
    • Use partially swarm?
  • Listens section
    • Make more interesting graphs
  • Improved caching


  • Show latest images on home.
  • Lightbox when clicking picture.
  • Eindhoven collection?


CDN Structure

  • /u/ - random uploads and pictures that do NOT need resizing
  • /i/ - pictures that NEED resizing and compressing
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