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  1. Rework darkroom:
    • Replace by .Params.cover - it is a CDN image.
    • Remove .Params.images. Use figure for the pictures to allow more customization.
    • Rework current photos into small “collections” (Misc travels, Hometown Corona)
    • Merge with Use styles from design branch as “card”.
  2. Clean up TAGS and TITLES in all sections:
    • micro
    • articles
    • notes
  3. Cleanup TOC and make it work on mobile


  • Reads
    • Indieweb meta tags?
    • Include reviews from goodreads that I did and stars?
    • Picture or list like
    • Do not depend on GoodReads? Each own a post?
  • Finish uses
  • Finish meta
  • Move all images to CDN (except svg)
  • Clean notes
  • Remove tags?
  • Gallery of Winter pics?
  • Take pictures of old versions of my website
  • Improvements: Reading progress?
  • Revamp homepage
    • Put some pictures?
    • Larger?
    • More predominance to latest articles (maybe revamp listings)
    • More predominance to whats happening now

May be useful:

display: flow-root


CDN Structure

  • /u/ - random uploads and pictures that do NOT need resizing
  • /i/ - pictures that NEED resizing and compressing


Eagle powers my website.

  • On sync:
  • cli for local management
  • comments
    • system to submit comments directly on my website
    • should i publish them under another page so I can easily reply through micro interactions? that could create too much trouble and content on my website.
  • search: consider search while typing
  • move newsletter/thanks and goodbye to other places
  • pixelart: add custom section or tag.
  • Import and make a visualization map and table. Maybe ditch Flightradar24 completely.
  • goodreads farewell
    • stop relying on GoodReads for my readings section
    • create interface that allows me to edit the reads / progress / info
    • add link for possible review
  • Serve my website over Gemini
  • Serve my website over TOR
  • articles: move out of year/month folders

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