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Theory of Computation



A language’s syntax defines what is valid on that language. For example, is a language syntax defines that all variables must be declared as name := value, you can’t write it as var name = value; instead.

The syntax of a language is specified using a grammar.


Semantics attributes a meaning to valid sentences, or forms.


A grammar is a set of rules composed by:

  • Non-terminal symbols
  • Terminal symbols
  • Rules

BNF Language

BNS stands for Backus–Naur form and it is a notation technique to represent context-free grammars.

  • <..> - Non-terminal Symbols
  • ... - Terminal Symbols
  • ::= - Defined as…
  • | - Or
  • * - Zero or more
  • + - One or more


<S> :: = <A>a
<A> :: = a<B>
<B> :: = <A>a|b

Terminal symbols: a, b Non-terminal symbols: <S>, <A>, <B>

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