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📸 These are some of my photos. Check the archive for a gallery view.

Genève Architecture


Finally, we also visited Genève. The weather was definitely better and we could enjoy the sun. We ended up in a district whose architecture was quite striking. So I decided to share 3 pictures.



After München, we also visited Zürich. Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t the most clear in most days. Therefore not having the best pictures I was wishing for. Nevertheless, Zürich keeps amazing me and being one of my favorite cities.

Misty Boat
Train Up In The Mountains

Forest Delicacies

Three simple pictures I took during a walk in the Stratumse Heide. It’s already starting to look somewhat like autumn, which I appreciate. I also haven’t used my camera for quite some time, so I’m very happy I brought it with me. I went there hoping to see highlander cows. Sadly, I didn’t see them this time, but I saw some of their… manure 💩.

There were some things I did not photograph because a thunderstorm was becoming closer and closer. Therefore, we thought it’d be safer to start leaving.

Mushrooms nest laying next to a tree trunk
Lonely mushroom with a bit of water from the rain

Engelberg Captures


Last month I had the opportunity of visiting Engelberg, in Switzerland. During this small trip, I spent some quality time with my coworkers and took some pictures. Below are my favourites. I had to include two trains, because… why not?



In September, I traveled to Italy with my partner. Here are some of the pictures I took at the time, finally seeing the light of the day. I took many other pictures, and it is very hard to choose what to show. Italy is such a beautiful country. We visited Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Pisa, Venezia, Bologna, Milano and Bergamo.

Capturing Leiden

Some months ago I went to Leiden, took some pictures and stored them in my hard drive. However, I’ve used some of these as wallpapers lately, such as the one with the fish 🐟. I thought it would be nice to share as I think they’re quite pleasant!

Kunstmuseum, Den Haag

Today I went to the weirdest museum I’ve been lately, the Kunstmuseum in The Hague. There were many wicked artworks. Fortunately there were also very pleasing ones. The best ones were the kinectic sculptures by Theo Jansen that you could interact with - I don’t have pictures of those so they’re not shared here.

My friends and I ended up having lunch very late (at 5pm) in Rotterdam where we ate Turkish, Greek, Portuguese and some Russian things. A lot. But a nice day.