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๐Ÿ“ธ These are some of my photos. Check the archive for a gallery view.

Eindhoven Winter

I saw real life snowing for many days for the first time. It was also one of the coldest Februaries in the Netherlands over the past years.


Strijp-S Colors
Industrial Strijp-S
Passing By
PSV Stadium
Old Philips

Costa Alentejana

Had the opportunity to travel through a bit of the Portuguese coast, which can be mesmerizing in some places.

Lonely Boat
SN924L Astro
Entrada da Barca
Splashing Water
SN786L Carina
More Boats

May Lockdown

May. Still in my hometown and realizing that I was slightly lucky because I could take walks in the nature in peace while some of my friends were stranded in the city.

April Lockdown

April. Still in my hometown.

March Lockdown

March. Quarantine begun and I moved back to my hometown. More importantly, I bought my first camera.

Do Not Enter
White Flower
The Dead Rise Again
My Dog, Lara
My Mother
Flower Pots
My Dad