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πŸ“Έ This is a curated list of photos, consider it my upgraded Instagram.

Dekate Mousa, the photography association at my university, is organising a photographic exhibition at the CKE next month where pictures from the members will be on display. I’m so happy to see that one of my pictures was chosen to be on the announcement article at Cursor!

🌸 A Visit to the Bloesempark

Cherry Tree GIF
Cherry Tree GIF

A few days ago, my boyfriend invited my go to the Bloesempark in Amsterdamse Bos. Unfortunately, I won’t be in the Netherlands next weekend so I cannot go. However, since the idea of going to a park with around 400 japanese cherry blossom trees (Sakura trees) 🌸 was too enticing, I gathered some friends and visited yesterday.

We traveled by train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam ArenA. We immediately saw that was not the best idea so we continued to Amsterdam Zuid and rented some OV-fiets there. It was my first time using an OV-fiets and I must say: they run very smoothly. But their brakes? Horrible.

We biked to and through the Amsterdamse Bos until we reached the Bloesempark and oh my gosh. So many people. Considering that there are around 400 trees there, I’m sure there was way more than one person per tree. There were also people dressed with some traditional dresses. It was incredible! Anyways, here’s some photos from yesterday.

Steel Wool

Last night there was an activity by Dekate Mousa, where we were able to take some nice pictures of fire breathing and steel wool spinning. I am very sorry that the fire is blown out, but I still like it!

Maastricht II

Maastricht turned out to be quite a magical little city close to the border with Belgium. There was a lot of greenery and old buildings.