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Ultralearning Manifesto

Learning is the foundation of success in nearly every aspect of life.

Key Learnings

  • Turn learning into projects:
    1. Plan them!
    2. Set constraints (limits) on what to learn;
    3. Set aside enough time, make a schedule;
    4. Limit materials/resources and methods.
  • Train focus and productivity:
    1. Eliminate distractions;
    2. Make a schedule;
    3. Progressively increase the focused amount of time.
  • Learn actively, do exercises, relate to other subjects (holistic learning).
  • Quicker, deeper and more accurate feedback cycles:
    1. See the solution after each exercise;
    2. Do the harder exercises first. Be deeper;
    3. Use more accurate resources and avoid repeating errors.
  • Space out learning time:
    1. Frequently review things I’ve learned;
    2. Don’t study too much time in a row.
  • Process deeply to retain more:
    1. Summarize;
    2. Paraphrase;
    3. Simplify.
  • Overlearning: learn beyond what’s necessary to master a skill to get better at it.
  • Watch educational video at a 1.5x-2x the speed and practice afterwards.
  • Use the Feynman Technique to learn difficult concepts:
    1. Choose the concept;
    2. Write an explanation as if it was for someone who doesn’t know anything about the subject;
    3. If I get stuck, get back to the books/resources and read;
    4. Simplify and make analogies.

Where to apply

  • Use it on school to spend less time with each subject; be effective;
  • Career;
  • Programming;
  • Every aspect of life which needs learning something!
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