Jan Boddez 15 May 2022 14:46

These “emoji” archives are kind of cool! Reminded me of Aaron Parecki’s avatars, that reflect any emoji present in his notes. (Turns out, of course, Aaron has an actual emoji archive, too. 😊)

Thanks! I think Aaron’s archive is probably the first!

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Jan-Lukas Else 19 Mar 2022 10:10

So expensive! 😳 But the BahnCard 100 (2nd class costs 4144€ per year) also doesn’t include every bus/tram, just in selected transport networks. And I don’t know how to think about the price in relation to the country size (same with Austria). Sure, you can travel much larger distances, but there are…

Those are good points. Dutch people frequently complain about their public transport, but it works very well in general. I have Day Discount subscription for the trains that costs 5.10 EUR a month and gives 40% discount during off-peak hours, weekend and public holidays. Additionally, up to 3 people traveling with me can get 40% discount too (albeit group tickets would be less expensive in this case). And I think that’s a pretty good discount, considering the overall train prices and service quality. Even with all this discounts I spent over 90 EUR on public transit last month 😂 Free weekends is 31.60 EUR per month.

Fun fact: Dutch students are entitles to a Student Product where they can choose to travel for free during weekdays or weekend on any public transport carrier in the entire country. Technically, EU students are also entitled but it’s a very long process (because they want to make it difficult), which I started three months ago and still know nothing about it. Also, this is not “free”: it’s a gift. If you don’t finish a degree within 10 years, you have to pay everything back and it’s over 300 EUR per month.

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Jan-Lukas Else 18 Mar 2022 22:43

I wish the BahnCard 100 in Germany would be cheaper… But congratulations and have fun with climate-friendly travel! 🙂

In the Netherlands, something equivalent would be 362.40 * 12 = 4348.8 EUR per year and only includes train… And the country is much smaller than Germany. To include metro, bus and trams thorough the country, just throw some 2022.00 EUR more.

  • NS Flex Altijd Vrij: 362.40 * 12 = 4348.80 EUR
  • NET Subscription (Metro, Bus & Tram): 2022.00 EUR

Total p/ year: 6370.8 EUR

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Henrique Dias 16 Mar 2022 14:26

Today I voted for the first time on the municipal elections in the Netherlands. One of the largest differences from Portugal is that you vote on the specific person and not a party. The other one is that I can vote anywhere I want in Eindhoven. It was a nice and swift experience.

The cherry on top of the cake is that here you vote with a red pencil ✏️🔴

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I recently transitioned from ImprovMX to Migadu to lower my costs. However, I’m planning to move everything over from Google (Calendar, Contacts and E-mail). Unfortunately, Migadu doesn’t have official support for Calendar and Contacts yet. They say that will be available within two months. However, they’ve given other similar deadlines over the last year that did not happen.

I have considered Fastmail. It would still be cheaper than ImprovMX, but more expensive than Migadu. But at least I would have access to all the features. However, it is also based in Australia with servers in the USA and there is some controversy about that. I don’t know yet. I also considered using my own domain with iCloud but the three aliases is pretty limiting.

Does anyone else have any recommendations? I’m thinking about just waiting to see if Migadu releases actual support within two months, or just move to Fastmail.

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Jan-Lukas Else 11 Mar 2022 19:44

Hello! 👋 I haven’t lost the desire to blog, nor have I decided on Digital Detox, it’s just that I’m currently busy moving. Instead of continuing to program my own stuff after work and pouring my thoughts into blog articles, I had to pack boxes. Today was my last workday in the home office in the old…

Three times 😊 Good luck moving!

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Jan Boddez 17 Feb 2022 08:59

(Off-topic/meta.) Interestingly, my (h-)feed reader displays a (p-)name for this “note.” Normally, it drops the p-name (and thus considers the post a “note”) if it’s the same as (or a shortened version of) the content. In this case it doesn’t, because this post’s p-name contains a straight quote whe…

To avoid future issues, I removed the p-name property when there’s no title. This should also fix a similar issue when I appended ellipsis to the title if it was a truncation of the content. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Nimo 31 Jan 2022 18:27

I think I prefer ebooks because they are easier to hold while reading and easier to carry around. But I'm still very on the fence about this, since a physical book just feels nicer. Maybe for fiction I'd prefer physical books

I think separating fiction from non-fiction may be an interesting strategy. I should try reading on an e-reader once to see how I feel. I feel like the ability to easily mark sentences and check the meaning of words can be very helpful.

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Henrique Dias 04 Dec 2021 07:51

I’ve been thinking about replacing Miniflux with Aperture + Monocle. I like the idea of using a Microsub client so that I can quickly reply, like or react to any post. The problem is that, unfortunately, aperture insists on not fetching posts for two of the websites I follow… I either write my own M…

There’s some issues I’ve been noticing with Aperture and even with Monocle. I use many different types of posts and some aren’t supported by those readers, such as listens or reads. On the other hand, I add additional markup on my JSON and RSS feeds to take those contexts into account. I will keep using Miniflux for now and focus on improving my JSON and RSS feeds as there are some issues here and there.

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Malik 30 Jan 2022 16:27

Impersonation is becoming increasingly predominant. Twitter should work on a way of letting anyone verify their identity like most digital banks do nowadays.

I 100% agree. But it seems that for Twitter, being @verified is just for notable people 😃 everyone else can be impersonated.

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Anonymous Original Post

I have setup things as described - however after after installing some OS updates on the VPS despite having set the client to work with full tunnel, all traffic that does not go to the local subnet now gets routed to the internet using the VPS ip. Any idea what might cause this?

Unfortunately I haven’t been using this configuration myself for a while so I’m not aware of what might’ve happened. However, what you wrote seem expected unless I didn’t understand it.

having set the client to work with full tunnel, all traffic that does not go to the local subnet now gets routed to the internet using the VPS ip

On a full tunnel VPN, all the traffic will be routed through the VPN server, which is the VPS. It seems like you want to have a split tunnel configuration which requires you to add the AllowedIPs option, as I explained in the last part of the post.

I hope that helps!

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Henrique Dias 27 Jan 2022 11:01

So I just updated my iOS shortcuts to include a new Micropub post. I now have shortcuts for replying, linking, bookmarking, reposting and updating a book reading progress. Let’s hope this works and that it will make me post more 🤔

Well, that clearly worked. Maybe I should also add an option on whether or not to share it on Twitter. Or maybe not. I can defer those complicated things to Quill.

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Steve 26 Jan 2022 08:10

Still can’t sign into @AppleSupport @Apple services this morning. I know the outage but case timings suggest should be fixed now. I just get “Unknown Error” #Apple #iCloud #iclouddown

You’re not alone!

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