Jan-Lukas Else 30 Jan 2020 18:59

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, wrote about “why using WhatsApp is dangerous”, citing the attack against Jeff Bezos.Second, there are backdoors. Enforcement agencies are not too happy with encryption, forcing app developers to secretly plant vulnerabilities in their apps. I know that because we’ve …

I really love Telegram and love it! I known a few folks that also prefer Telegram over any other messaging platform. I think that most people would enjoy it more than what they use right now if they tried the app. However, it’s a bit hard to make people start using new services when they’re used to the same steps everyday. Inertia.

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Jan-Lukas Else said: I think I’m in some kind of bubble, but most of the people I instant message with use Telegram, because either they are computer science students too or because I convinced (or persuaded) them.My top features (that can convince geeks) are: cross device cloud sync (with clients for almost any …30 Jan 2020 21:30