How to effectively backup your emails

For quite some time, I have been setting up systems to backup my data of my computer, as well as fetching data from services, such as Trakt, or GoodReads. There’s always one kind of service that has been on the back of my mind for a while to backup, but I’ve never got the time, nor the will to do so: email! Email is fundamental nowadays and it is the basis of Internet communication. Almost all online services require an email, and even though we use it virtually every day for the most varied services and uses, it is not the easiest thing to backup. Fortunately, I recently came across this post by Diane where they explain how they are backing up their emails using getemail. First of all, start by installing getmail. In my case, since I use macOS, I will just use the pre-built brew package. For other platforms (since it uses Python), I recommend taking a look at their website.

Do you have any backup system in place? If so, how is it?

I have my computer with all my data backed up to a physical location near me and to a “cloud” location. The problem is: I’m in my hometown now and I don’t know for how long I’ll be here and making the backup of thousands of MBs of photos every week is a big no with my internet connection.

Also, my computer is getting tight in space.

For many years I’ve thought about buying/building a NAS with some simple RAID (or no RAID depending on what I want) and backing up the NAS to another place. The NAS would be the primary location of some of the files I don’t use as much (photos from <2019) and the backup destination of my computer. Then, the NAS itself would be backed up. Does this sound a great plan?

However, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences of external hard drives, but I guess it was just bad luck.