Do you have any backup system in place? If so, how is it?

I have my computer with all my data backed up to a physical location near me and to a “cloud” location. The problem is: I’m in my hometown now and I don’t know for how long I’ll be here and making the backup of thousands of MBs of photos every week is a big no with my internet connection.

Also, my computer is getting tight in space.

For many years I’ve thought about buying/building a NAS with some simple RAID (or no RAID depending on what I want) and backing up the NAS to another place. The NAS would be the primary location of some of the files I don’t use as much (photos from <2019) and the backup destination of my computer. Then, the NAS itself would be backed up. Does this sound a great plan?

However, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences of external hard drives, but I guess it was just bad luck.