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Find Visible Segments by Sweeping Lines

algorithms computer-science

After two months of classes and two weeks of exams, the first quarter of my Master’s is finally complete. I can say that 1/8th of my degree is complete. With a new quarter comes new courses. It’s been just a week but there is one specific topic that I found quite intriguing: geometric algorithms, specifically sweep line algorithms.

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Fundamentals of Programming #3: Paradigms

computer-science fundamentals-of-programming

Every single programming language has its own characteristics that distinguish them from each other. One of those characteristics is the paradigms they follow. That is something very important to understand how some programming languages work. This is part of The Fundamentals of Programming Using C series.

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Fundamentals of Programming #1: Beginning

computers algorithms c computer-science fundamentals-of-programming

This is the first article of The Fundamentals of Programming Using C series. In this article, we are going to show you some useful concepts about the programming world. We will start by using pseudocode (explained below), advancing gradually until we reach the desired language: C.

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