Morning rant and controversial opinions: we should all be required to wear masks in public, whether we’re on a street or in an enclosed space. Some European countries are finally understanding the need. Look at the Asian countries: they were already doing that, it works. I use a mask everywhere but my home but I’m just protecting everyone else. Everyone needs to use a mask so it actually works and we protect each other. Using a mask doesn’t make hard to breath, using a mask is not complicated. Does your face get hotter? Yes, but just don’t leave home while it’s 40C. You shouldn’t be doing that in first place. It’s easy, it’s not expensive and it’ll help everyone. Other than that, it would also be cool to make sure everyone was tested before flying but that… that is much more complicated than just wearing a mask. I’m moving to the Netherlands in the second half of next month. I’m worried. I don’t know who I’ll encounter in the airport and plane and I’ll be leaving with people that will be just arriving from other countries. Just… wear masks and we will all be safer. It’s a community effort. We can stop this.

Last night before going to sleep… well actually while falling asleep I thought about writing this. It’s such a basic poem, but lemme just share it here.

I miss

I miss their hugs
I miss my hand on their hair
I miss their hand on my hair
I miss they holding my hands
I miss holding their hands
I miss their face
I miss their shape
I miss their skin
I miss them
I miss physical
I don’t miss coronavirus.

Physical contact is much more important than it seems to us. Yes, emotional connections are important. But emotional connections with physical contact reach cosmic proportions. They change us. Every touch, every cell touching each cell. Every feeling, every moment, everything.

Today I finished watching “Please Like Me” and I must say it’s a great short show that addresses some pertinent issues. On other news, I went to the hospital to make a few exams, including Covid-19’s swab test. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

A few weeks ago I talked about being undecided whether or not to accept my MSc offer at TU/e. In the meanwhile, I’ve decided to do so. In the meanwhile, it was revealed today that Dutch universities are planning to to keep online teaching up until February 2021 which is a bit of a bummer. Moving to a different country just to stay in a house for a few months until I can finally get out doesn’t seem to be the best experience ever, nor would I get any of the benefits from an international degree. Let’s see what’s gonna happen on the next months. For now, I’m accepting the offer.

Quarantine, and being home with my parents, made me realize some things that some people, unfortunately, don’t experience. I want to get back home after classes to find the people that were strangers to me two years ago; I want to go wash my clothes just to find out the washing machine is being used; I want to cook my dinner just to find out someone else’s already using the oven; I want to go shower just to find out someone’s using the bathroom; I want insert list of things we usually complain about.

So… today Portugal kind of declared “emergency state” which was never used in our democracy previously. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really clear of what we should do. Most of the people I know are keeping themselves on their homes, but there’s still nothing enforcing to people to stay in their homes. Honestly, I think it would be the best to keep this. I’m definitely a bit scared of what’s happening. If we look at China’s numbers, they don’t look that bad. However, if we look at Italy’s numbers, we see almost the same figures of deaths and recoveries.

In the meanwhile, I decided to edit a photo I took about a month ago of the 25th April Bridge!

About COVID-19: WHO just declared that this novel coronavirus is a pandemic. Okay. Portugal is closing universities and schools. Makes sense to prevent further propagation of the virus so it doesn’t scale as much. But what do you see? You see dozens, hundreds or even thousands of students thinking this is vacation and going to the beach - it was 26ºC in Lisbon today - or going to the mall just because.

Yes, it is inevitable that some of us will be infected. Yes, we should worry. But we must not panic, nor act like anything is happening. If we’re closing schools and universities, it’s because we need to keep some social distance and avoid as much contact as we usually have. I’m not saying not to see anyone. I’m just saying we should restrain ourselves as much as we can and avoid going to crowded places!

I just found an article called “Young and unafraid of the coronavirus pandemic? Good for you. Now stop killing people”. Read it! It was written by a doctor and I agree. We should not panic, we should not rush into supermarkets - as it is, unfortunately, happening - but we should try to keep as much distance as possible.

I’m personally scared. I had a pneumonia when I was a child and I needed physical therapy for a few months to start breathing normally again. If your company was closed, your school/uni was closed, stay at home. Avoid parties and crowds… isn’t that obvious? If it wasn’t for that, why would anyone close establishments?

Stay safe!

Edit: #StayTheFuckHome