Jan-Lukas Else 12 May 2020 17:45

Telegram wanted to launch a cryptocurrency, but now they stopped that experiment because a US court stopped them and the US has too much power they rather didn’t want to feel.I am writing this post to officially announce that Telegram’s active involvement with TON is …

That is really sad to hear. Decentralization is a huge part of the future of the Internet for many reasons. Not relying on centralized services is important to build a web of trust, of freedom and transparency. It’s really unfortunate to see how the US can have such a powerful impact on other countries’ citizens…

Mirroring xkcd comics to IPFS

As many of you probably know, xkcd is a web comic created in 2005 by Randall Munroe. Its tagline is “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. You can read more about the web comic itself on their website.

As part of wanting to contribute to IPFS Archives, I decided to look at the issues and find the most interesting one for me, and I did: xkcd! There were some clones already built, but all of them were out of date and weren’t automatically updated.