Bitcoin - The End of Money As We Know It

watch: This documentary raises a lot of questions, as well as some information really interesting that I’ve never thought about: Problem: how to explain to people? Doesn’t need trust in central authorities/banks Where’s the money? The actual money? Actual banks don’t have the money they say they have. The money we use is actually “virtual”.

The Internet's Own Boy

This is a movie about Aaron Swartz, who believed the world knowledge should be free and publicly accessibly by everyone. He was the co-founder of Reddit and many other orgs. He was greatly involved on trying to avoid SOPA law to pass. Succeeds. Downloaded tons of papers and research from a website using MIT’s network The US government had a big case against him but they didn’t provide information/evidence. It didn’t make sense… It’s a really big loss. He just wanted to make the world a better place.

Unbroken Ground

Revolutions starts from the bottom Top soil is destructed with some plantations Regenerative agriculture builds top soil Soil »» Oil Perennial grain crops: saves soil from being lost or poisoned Bisons manage grass! wow Plant more varieties of plants Goal: make what we do work for the farmer Healthier for the farmer, soil, community to have more diverse plants Rifnet fishery: target species tightly, more work, smaller fingerprint We all have the responsibility to improve Earth someway.