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Jan-Lukas Else21 Aug 2022

Thanks, now I understand what you mean by single-user. 😊 What about writing your own git service? 🤣

Damn, no 🤣 What I like in Gitea is all the fancy integrations (container images, package registry), etc. If I end up self-hosting my Git repositories - or at least some of them - and not use Gitea, I will likely just use some kind of static website generator, like stagit.

Jan-Lukas Else21 Aug 2022

What makes you think Gitea “is a primarily multi-user platform”? 🤔 Sure, Gitea can be multi-user, but works (IMO) perfectly fine as single-user as well. Probably even better as single-user as long as federation isn’t finished yet.

I don’t want user URLs, I don’t want organizations. I want something like git.hacdias.com/repo_name. There are workarounds, such as URL rewriting, or using an organization with a short name, to shorten the URLs. However, they are not real solutions. And having a single user mode is something Gitea will not support. But, never say never. I may consider using it later. For now, git.hacdias.com just redirects to my GitHub 🫢

I’ve been wanting to self-host my Git repositories for some time now. My problem with it is: collaboration. If I just decide to self-host, it’ll be much harder for someone to send a Pull Request, or something of the sorts. GitHub is the de facto of the industry and sadly there is not federation standard for these kind of platforms. I think Gitea is working on federation support, but at the same time I think Gitea wouldn’t necessarily fit my wants as it is a primarily multi-user platform.

Jan-Lukas Else11 May 2020

After Kev Quirk was initially skeptical about Git and was desperate about using it, he finally made it thanks to community help and realized that Git is better than he thought: After 30 minutes I had successfully carried out my first commit and push from the Git CLI. I have to say, once the basics h…

That’s such a nice story. I actually mostly use GitHub’s interface and the CLI to work with Git. I only recall using SVN for publishing WordPress plugins a long time ago. I have had to modules during my bachelor’s with the same teacher that required us to use the Concurrent Versions Systems and that one can be a pain. I’m always afraid I’m gonna break something 😂