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Project Lifie: The Video


In May 2016, I decided to start taking a daily selfie for the next following years. A daily selfie of my life, a lifie. At the time, I did not really think about for how long I would want to do this. Sometimes I thought about stopping it, sometimes I thought about making a video. However, that time never came, until now.

I have just compiled around 7 years worth of pictures, taken daily. Yes, there are days missing, there are even 1 or 2 months missing at some point. Some pictures also do not perfectly match the frame. Nevertheless, it is quite crazy to see how I have changed over the past 6 years.

Below, you can see the video. This video started in my teenage years and ends as a young adult. Among everything else, you will be able to see 3 different pairs of glasses, 5 different places where I lived, many haircuts, as well as the time where I still wore braces.

It is quite crazy. Am I going to keep taking daily pictures? I don’t know. It doesn’t give me a lot of work, takes a few seconds every day. Chances are that I will. But I still have yet to decide.

A New Adventure

life masters university

In August, I’m supposed to start a new adventure: I’ve been applying for a few Universities to do my Masters degree in Computer Science somewhere else other than in Portugal. I’ve received some rejections and some acceptances and I’m tempted to choose studying the next two years at TU Eindhoven. However, Covid-19 has just put me in a position where I’d never thought to be.

First of all, I’m feeling that I’ll never return to Lisbon which, I know, is childish. But that’s a feeling I’ve had since the moment I left the apartment where I’m living in Lisbon. Secondly, we don’t know what’s going to happen: is the exam season going to be delayed? Are we having more exams to compensate the professors that didn’t find an alternative evaluation method? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have any more physical classes until the end of the semester so that’s not what worries me most.

Other than that, looking at Netherland’s strategy to fight this new virus, I don’t agree with it (group immunity… hundreds of people are dying there and there are barely anyone recovered) which may be showcasing how bad their healthcare system is? I don’t know because, obviously, I’m not there.

I don’t know… I just feel I should not go. Let’s wait and see what happens and if my mind changes or settles in some solid idea.