Node.js is Everywhere by Mikeal Rogers

Comparatively to his other talk, this one is much better in my opinion. Not forgetting that Mikeal’s the Community Manager of the Node.js Foundation, here are some key aspects he mentioned: Node.js is the fastest growing open source platform in the world. Full Stack isn’t just front-end and back-end anymore and it needs innumerous skills: web front-end; phones and tablets; desktop; API services; IoT devices; cloud backend; Node.js can work with all of the previously mentioned platforms. Front-end development is much different now than it was in 2010. Node.js is good for IoT because JavaScript is event-driven and that’s how real world and IoT devices work. API usage has been increasing dramatically over the last years. Node.js is very efficient with microservices.

Open Source and Community by Mikeal Rogers

Due to the name of this talk, I was thinking Mikeal was going to talk more about the community itself, good parts, bad parts, issues and solutions, but he didn’t. He talked about the Node.js community and the topics were kind of random in my opinion: from the streams and the fact that Node implemented quite a good interface to cryptocurrency and other. He also mentioned GitHub and the fact that open sourcing was much harder before it.