Analyzing my shows and movie habits

Today, I decided to readd a watches page, but this time it isn’t built from hundreds of posts, but from the data that I get directly from Trakt’s API. I built a small tool called trakt-collector used to collect your history and save it in JSON format.

The Trakt API gives you so much information about every episode and every movie: from the title, to the rating, description, channel where it aired, when it aired first, the countries where it aired, etc, etc. I don’t actually need all that information, but it’s never too much to store.


For quite some time, I have been getting more and more into the IndieWeb world and trying to own my own data. I have started publishing more to my website and using it as a place to store most of my public data, i.e., data I already published on other social media and platforms.

It now holds my web interactions, such as replies, likes and reposts, as well as my reading log. Since the beginning, I also wanted to this website as a place to store my watch logs. With watch I mean watching movies and TV series.

Bitcoin - The End of Money As We Know It

watch: This documentary raises a lot of questions, as well as some information really interesting that I’ve never thought about: Problem: how to explain to people? Doesn’t need trust in central authorities/banks Where’s the money? The actual money? Actual banks don’t have the money they say they have. The money we use is actually “virtual”.

Revolution OS

You’re never supposed to use an OS. people use programs An OS just helps creating programs Richard Stallman Founder of GNU Creator of the movement of the free software Free Software has copyright has license has an owner not public domain because users could get it, modify it and then use it as proprietary software redistribute with the same license Open Source Definition Free redistribution = liberty Source code available Derived works permitted Integrity of the author’s source code No discrimination against people and groups No discrimination against fields or endeavors Distribution of license License must not be specific to a product License must not contaminate other software

The Internet's Own Boy

This is a movie about Aaron Swartz, who believed the world knowledge should be free and publicly accessibly by everyone. He was the co-founder of Reddit and many other orgs. He was greatly involved on trying to avoid SOPA law to pass. Succeeds. Downloaded tons of papers and research from a website using MIT’s network The US government had a big case against him but they didn’t provide information/evidence. It didn’t make sense… It’s a really big loss. He just wanted to make the world a better place.

Unbroken Ground

Revolutions starts from the bottom Top soil is destructed with some plantations Regenerative agriculture builds top soil Soil »» Oil Perennial grain crops: saves soil from being lost or poisoned Bisons manage grass! wow Plant more varieties of plants Goal: make what we do work for the farmer Healthier for the farmer, soil, community to have more diverse plants Rifnet fishery: target species tightly, more work, smaller fingerprint We all have the responsibility to improve Earth someway.