Access a network behind a Carrier Grade NAT with Wireguard

I recently moved from the place where I was staying at to my own studio. In addition, since I was building a computer, I wanted to be able to access remotely to its capabitities, as well as any other device I have at home. Thus, I thought: let’s set up a VPN! The problem arised when I went to the configuration of my router and saw that my WAN IP was in the format I immediately knew that that was a private IP. On my ignorance, I decided to search why I didn’t have an actual public IP. Well, apparently there’s a thing called Carrier Grade NATs (CGNATs) which are gigantic NATs that Internet providers decided to create in order to band aid the shortage of IPv4s in many places. So I thought, once again, “let’s see if I have an IPv6”. I open and for my surprise (or not) I see a score of 0 out of 10.